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Ohio Train Explosion Accident: Derailment May Lead to Serious Health Risks

Residents in and around the town of East Palestine, Ohio, fear for the health of their families following the derailment of a train carrying highly toxic chemicals earlier this month. The train in question derailed at East Palestine, resulting in multiple cars being violently thrown off the tracks, including at least 20 tanker units that carried a highly toxic, combustible, and potentially deadly chemicals that included vinyl chloride. Information on the number of cars carrying harmful substances was provided by…

5 Signs of PTSD Following a Semi-Truck Accident

Some of the most catastrophic types of roadway accidents motorists encounter are those involving collisions with semi-trucks. Semi-truck accidents can result in life-altering and even life-ending events. What oftentimes is overlooked is the emotional and psychological injuries that can arise from a semi-truck accident. For example, a considerable number of victims of semi collisions end up afflicted with post-traumatic stress disorder or PTSD. There are five signs that a person might be suffering from PTSD following a big rig wreck:…

Worst Construction Accidents of 2022

Construction accidents are some of the most devastating workplace disasters in the United States. While many construction sites now strive to enhance safety protocols in place, there remain plenty of catastrophic, tragic accidents. 2022 was not immune from tragic construction site accidents. January California Construction Site Explosion In early January, a fire broke out at a construction site in California that was slated to be part of a new housing development. The workers were welding metal beams when sparks from…

Elevator Accidents Facts and Statistics

Elevator accidents are a very serious safety hazard that can result in serious injury or even death. Although they are relatively rare, these accidents are still common enough to warrant careful attention and precautions when using an elevator. Here are six facts and statistics about elevator accidents that everyone should generally understand. Approximately 10,000 Elevator Accident Injuries Annually in the United States The National Elevator Industry Inc., which is the leading authority on elevator safety, reports that approximately 10,000 people…

7 Tips to Optimize Safety in a Hotel

Hotels, motels, and resorts have a legal obligation to maintain their properties in reasonably safe condition. Hotels must prioritize safety and security for their guests and employees in order to provide a safe and pleasant experience for those who visit and work at their properties. There are certain steps that can be taken to maximize safety in hotel settings, which will help ensure the wellbeing of everyone involved. There are seven specific tactics that a hotel is reasonably be expected…

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