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What Qualifies as a Business Interruption Claim

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Early reports reveal that business interruption insurance claims are likely to be a dominate factor in the aftermath of devastating Hurricane Harvey. The reality is that thousands of businesses were shuttered, or at least partially impaired, after the catastrophic storm that ravaged Houston, Harris County, and other parts of the state of Texas. The Doan Law Firm activated a Hurricane Harvey Hotline at (833) FLOOD-LAWYER. The hotline is staffed around the clock. You can talk to a Hurricane Harvey business interruption insurance claim lawyer right now.

Hurricane Harvey Property Damage and Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Some businesses in Texas face pursuing both Hurricane Harvey property damage insurance claims and Hurricane Harvey business interruption insurance claims. You may be in this position if your business has been shuttered, or at partially impaired, because of damage caused by the story. Some businesses are already beginning to feel the impact of insurance companies delaying the investigation or settlement of bona fide property damage and business interruption claims. In addition, a growing number of insured business owners are finding themselves in a pitched battle with their insurance companies when it comes to claim denials.

If prior major storms are any guide, an ever increasing number of insurance companies will deny claims, contending that a particularly type of damage is not covered. Specifically, insurance companies will deny claims contending that damage was caused by flooding, which is not covered by a particular insurance policy.

The reality is that coverage for so-called flood damage to a business is far nuanced. If you are a business owner, you need the professional assistance of a skilled, experienced Hurricane Harvey property damage lawyer to fight for your rights in the aftermath of the storm.

Hurricane Harvey Business Interruption Insurance Coverage Extends Beyond Property Damage

You may have experienced an interruption in the operations of your business, totally or partially, in the aftermath of Hurricane Harvey that arise from reasons unrelated to property damage at the premises. In other words, your business may have sustained no real property damage because of Hurricane Harvey, but other very really factors impact your business' ability to operate.

Hurricane Harvey related damages around your business may effectively prevent ingress and egress to your place of businesses. Simply put, storm damage may prevent you and your employees to appropriately access your business, let alone your customers of clients. Although this is a situation that hopefully has been or will be rectified sooner rather than later, you nonetheless have or will continue to suffer losses as a result.

In addition, basic utilities needed to run your business may have been interrupted because of the storm. This can include electricity, gas, water, or sewage. Depending on the nature and extent of damages to utilities, your business may have been, or will be, impacted for a more extended period of time.

A Doan Law Firm Hurricane Harvey business interruption insurance claim lawyer will fight to ensure that you are not short-changed by an insurance company when it comes to losses arising from surrounding storm-caused obstacles that negatively impacted your business operations.

We Fight for Full Compensation for You

All signs indicate that insurance companies have no intention of reaching appropriate settlements of Hurricane Harvey business interruption insurance claims in a timely manner. The stark reality is that insurance companies are not primarily in business to settle your claim in a fair and full manner. Rather, insurance companies exist to make money for their stockholders. Your insurance company increases its profits by paying you less money on your Hurricane Harvey insurance claim.

Our Hurricane Harvey business interruption claim legal team knows the tactics used by insurance companies to delay or minimize settlements. Our attorneys have proven strategies designed to take on an insurance company seemingly intent on not paying you what you deserve for your business losses. We are ready to go to battle for you -- today!

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Call The Doan Law Firm Hurricane Harvey Hotline right now at (833) FLOOD-LAWYER to schedule an appointment with an experienced business property damage attorney from our firm. We can schedule an immediate initial consultation with you at any one of our offices in Texas, at your home, your business, or any place convenient for you. We can even arrange a virtual consultation with you via the internet. There is no charge for an initial consultation.

At The Doan Law Firm, we charge no fee in your case unless we win a Hurricane Harvey business interruption insurance claim settlement, or lawsuit judgment, in your favor. If we don't win your case, you pay nothing.

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