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Lipitor is a medication created to treat high blood cholesterol. It is medically known as atorvastatin, and is the most popular and most effective of all statin drugs. It works by preventing the creation of cholesterol in the liver. Lipitor greatly reduces the risk of stroke, heart attack, and other heart and blood vessel problems.

Lipitor is the best-selling drug of all time, with over $125 billion in sales between 1996 and 2012. It earned $7.7 billion in 2011 alone. The drug was discovered by a research team at Parke-Davis, which was America’s oldest drug-maker before being acquired by Warner-Lambert. The second company was then purchased by Pfizer. Pfizer shut down Warner-Lambert, but Parke-Davis still operates as a subsidiary. The patent on Lipitor ended in 2011, and many different brands of generic atorvastatin are sold worldwide.

Lipitor should not be used by pregnant women, or by those with a history of liver and kidney issues. Fatty foods should be avoided when taking Lipitor, as they reduce the effectiveness of the drug. Grapefruit should be avoided, because it can increase the amount of the drug that enters the blood stream. Alcohol should be avoided, as it can greatly increase the risk of serious liver problems.

If you have taken Lipitor and been diagnosed with type-2 diabetes or other blood sugar issues, Pfizer may be to blame. The company may be legally responsible for the cost of glucose monitoring equipment, the cost of ongoing medical treatment, and for the loss of income that comes with a chronic disability. The company may be liable for additional damages due to lowering your quality of life and for lowering your life expectancy. The corporation could be liable for your pain and suffering. Don’t let Pfizer get away with misleading the public. Find out about your Lipitor lawsuit now. Call us on (800) 349-0000 for a free phone consultation. We are open 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.

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