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Nesina is a light pink, yellow, or light red elliptical tablet used, sometimes along with other medications, to control type II diabetes. It does not treat type I diabetes, also called childhood diabetes. Nesina works by stimulating incretins.

Incretins are hormones that cause the pancreas to release insulin. They also make the liver generate less sugar. Incretins combine with other fluids to digest food. The combination of the effects of incretins, along with a healthy diet and regular exercise, can help reduce blood sugar levels in the body.

While Nesina may help stabilize blood sugar in many people, it is also growing a reputation as a troublesome medication, for serious and life-threatening problems may result from taking Nesina.

Most people think of medication as something that helps them to feel better; it treats or cures a disease. Medication helps the body heal or repair problems. However, medication can also be dangerous.

Occasionally, the body responds poorly to medication; other times, a medication does not work in the way scientists thought that it would. Often, doctors are able to reverse or resolve medication reaction problems, but a few medications react very differently in people than in the lab. Medication reactions can cause serious, ongoing illnesses, and sometimes, they can cause death.

Side effects from medication can range from mild to life-threatening. Nesina is currently under observation for its potential to cause serious side effects that could be life threatening in some cases. While this list of the potential side effects is not comprehensive, it does reflect areas of growing concern about Nesina.

Our attorneys have handled medication injury claims for many years and understand the obstacles and challenges this causes you every day. Call us today or send your contact information through the web form to talk confidentially with legal professionals who can help you with your Nesina lawsuit.

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