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Smith & Nephew Hip Device Lawsuit Attorney

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Many people suffer from loss of mobility or severe pain due to an aging or damaged hip. Hip replacement surgery involves the implant of a medical device to relieve the symptoms associated with an arthritic or broken hip. Unfortunately, not all hip replacement surgeries are successful. The design of an artificial hip replacement device, including the materials used to construct the device, play a crucial role in determining the ultimate success of a hip replacement surgery. Many hip replacement manufacturers fail to thoroughly test the effectiveness of their products before recommending them to surgeons and patients.

When the failure rate of a hip replacement device exceeds accepted standards, the manufacturer or responsible government agency will order a recall to remediate the problem. This may involve additional surgery and other medical treatments. Hip replacement patients often suffer significant pain and additional expense because of an improperly designed hip replacement device.

Medical malpractice victims are legally entitled to financial damages to compensate them for the additional expense or pain and suffering inflicted by an artificial hip replacement device. Medical device recall lawsuits should be handled by a law firm with extensive knowledge and experience pursuing damages on behalf of hip replacement surgery victims.

Medical device manufacturers, including Smith & Nephew, employ powerful law firms to avoid being found guilty of rushing a hip replacement device into the medical device marketplace. Retaining a law firm that specializes in recovering financial damages from negligent medical device manufacturers makes it possible for victims to enjoy world-class legal representation without footing the bill. Successful medical device law firms only collect a fee if they win the case.

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