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Blog Posts in 2011

  • 17-Sep-2011

    Man Drowns While Trying to Save Friend

    When 21-year-old Gregory Minetti began having trouble coming ashore during a storm near Newport, RI, his 23-year-old friend jumped in to try to save him. He drowned instead. Nicholas Napolitano, 23, died Sunday in Newport in an attempt to save a ...
  • 12-Sep-2011

    US Agencies Investigate Sprout-Related Salmonella

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration and the Center for Disease Control have been investigating a multistate outbreak of Salmonella Enteritidis infections linked to alfalfa sprouts, reports the CDC website. Although there is no connection between ...
  • 10-Sep-2011

    Mid-July Salmonella Outbreak Reported

    personal injury attorney The CDC reported that 99 individuals infected with the outbreak strain of Salmonella Agona have been reported from 23 states since the middle of July, with the outbreak linked to fresh whole papayas imported from Mexico by ...
  • 10-Sep-2011

    Fatal Traffic Accident on Houston's Katy Freeway

    Houston police were investigating a fatal traffic accident that occurred at 5200 Katy Freeway, also known as West Interstate Highway 10, on the service road early in the morning last month. Two victims were in a gold Chevrolet pickup truck traveling ...
  • 8-Sep-2011

    Toddler's Hot Tub Drowning Called Accidental

    St. Joseph, , police have ruled a hotel hot tub drowning of a three-year-old boy and accident, as indicated from a recent autopsy performed on the boy. The death of Parker James Wilson, who died earlier this month that occurred while Parker was ...
  • 7-Sep-2011

    Zoloft Lawsuits

    The popular anti-depressant drug medication known as Zoloft has been recently linked to birth defects, if taken while a mother is pregnant. For many years, Zoloft was widely prescribed to patient's suffering from depression throughout the United ...
  • 5-Sep-2011

    Basketball Player Drowns

    A member of Mission High School's 2010 Academic Athletic Association championship boys' basketball team, Stafone Jackson, 20, died on a camping trip of an apparent drowning earlier this month. Reports say that a swim with his friends was more ...
  • 4-Sep-2011

    Man Killed Changing Tire

    Austin Police Officers responded to an auto-pedestrian collision in the 100 block of East Slaughter Lane in the middle of last month. Reports say that a white 1996 white Toyota sedan was stalled in the center east bound lane in the 100 block E. ...
  • 4-Sep-2011

    Doctors and EMS Save Child From Drowning

    Emergency crews have been credited with saving the life of a two-year-old boy after he nearly drowned in a backyard pool in Providence, RI earlier this month. Firefighters had been called to the Providence home within a few minutes of the toddler ...
  • 3-Sep-2011

    European e. Coli Outbreak Appears to be Winding Down

    German Robert Koch Institute reported in July that 852 patients with hemolytic uremic syndrome were identified who had come down with the illness though the Shiga toxin-producing E. coli bacteria – including six confirmed cases in the U.S. ...
  • 2-Sep-2011

    Dalewood Lake Drowning Victim Found

    Search teams recently found the body of a man who had been feared drowned in Dalewood Lake, near Meridian, Miss. Charles "Chip" Fleming, 42, of Kemper County, disappeared underwater early in the week while swimming with friends who were ...
  • 1-Sep-2011

    US Senate Takes Aim at Antipsychotic Overmedicating in Nursing Homes

    Senators Charles Grassley, D-Iowa, and Herbert Kohl, D-Wisconsin, have voiced concerns that nursing homes are over-prescribing antipsychotic drugs to control the behavior of senior patients, reports say. The Antipsychotic drugs, such as Clozaril, ...
  • 31-Aug-2011

    Austin Pedestrian Killed

    Robert Lee Cameron Jr,, 43, was crossing the street in the 5800 block of North IH 35, when reports say a 2000 gold Nissan Maxima traveling southbound in the 5800 block of North IH 35. Struck him as he crossed IH 35 from west. Cameron was transported ...
  • 30-Aug-2011

    Second Rescue at Same Water Park

    Just three weeks after a child nearly drowned at a South Carolina water park, another child was also rescued. Rescuers were called to Otter Creek Waterpark earlier this month after a two-year-old girl was found floating in the pool. The child, who ...
  • 29-Aug-2011

    GE Healthcare Vital Signs Device Recalled

    The U.S. Food and Drug Administration announced earlier this month that it has notified healthcare professionals of a Class I recall of the GE Healthcare Vital Signs Hygroscopic Condenser Humidifier Passive Humidification Device for Vital Signs ...

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