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Blog Posts in April, 2011

  • 30-Apr-2011

    Houston’s South Sam Houston Parkway Site of Fatal Accident

    The male victim, 20 to 30 years of age, whose name has been withheld, was pronounced dead at the scene after his small sports car collided with an SUV in a Houston intersection along the Sam Houston Parkway. The driver of a black Honda Odyssey was ...
  • 27-Apr-2011

    Worker Killed at Galveston’s Flagship Hotel

    A worker caught under a collapsed concrete slab at the old Galveston Flagship Hotel died of his injuries yesterday, say reports. The worker, Tauelangi Angilau, 65, of Salt Lake City, Utah, died Tuesday after a half-ton piece of concrete fell on him ...
  • 27-Apr-2011

    Fatal Traffic Accident at Houston’s Aldine Bender

    Why Hire a Lawyer Houston police are investigating a fatal traffic accident in the 6100 block of Aldine Bender which occurred on a Saturday, early last month. Reports say a female pedestrian in her late 20s to early 30s, was walking westbound in the ...
  • 24-Apr-2011

    Senior Citizen Killed in Austin Auto Accident

    Austin Police Officers responded to a serious injury collision in the 4800 block of Southwest Parkway, after it appears a senior citizen struck a tree along a roadside. A preliminary investigation shows that a vehicle was traveling eastbound on ...
  • 16-Apr-2011

    Three Electrocuted in Their Backyard

    A family of three was electrocuted earlier this month by power lines that had fallen in the backyard of their home, reports say. The family of three, including the mother, father and their 21-year old son were in their backyard of their San ...
  • 14-Apr-2011

    Antipsychotic Drugs May Pose Risks to Newborns

    The Federal Drug Administration has ordered that cautions be added to the labels of all antipsychotic drug as they pertain to the possibility of some birth defects when used by pregnant patients. The antipsychotic drugs, including Haldol, Moban, ...
  • 14-Apr-2011

    Fatal Houston Traffic Accident on State Highway 6

    Houston police have been asking for the public's assistance in locating a motorist involved in a fatal hit-and-run traffic accident at 2000 State Highway 6 about 3:30 a.m. on Sunday, February 6 th, reports say. The victim, a male, age unknown, was ...
  • 13-Apr-2011

    Racehorses Apparently Die From Electrocution

    A pair of expensive racehorses collapsed and died last month under mysterious circumstances just before a race at in Britain, with speculation that electrocution was the cause. The British Horseracing Authority is investigating the deaths of the ...
  • 12-Apr-2011

    ED Tablets Recalled

    Reports say that Biotab Nutraceuticals, Inc, the makers of Extenze Nutritional Supplement Tablets, an erectile dysfunction suppliment, has voluntarily recalled some shipments of the pills due to a possible counterfeiting issue. The U.S. Food and Drug ...
  • 12-Apr-2011

    FDA Removes Some Cold, Cough and Allergy Drugs

    The Federal Drug Administration has removed for sale more than 500 unapproved prescription cough, allergy and cold medicines because none have been appropriately evaluated by the FDA for sale. Some of the drugs affected are Lodrane, Cardec, Organidin ...
  • 11-Apr-2011

    Lawsuit Claims Enbrel Caused Cancer

    One patient is suing Immunex, Pfizer, Wyeth, and some distributors of the arthritis drug, claiming the drug caused cancer, reports say. The patient, Wayne Stone Sr., is suing with the claim that Enbrel gave him lymphoma. He also claimed that ...
  • 10-Apr-2011

    Proton Pump Inhibitors Show Possible Link to Birth Defects

    Reports say that there is evidence that using protpn pump inhibitors in the first trimester of pregnancy could increase the chance of cardiac defects. Such inhibitors are for treatment of gastroesophageal reflux disease, stomach ulcers include ...
  • 9-Apr-2011

    Fatal Traffic Accident at Houston's North Freeway

    Reports say Houston police are still investigating a fatal traffic accident that occurred at 10200 North Freeway, also known as North Interstate Highway 45, last month on a Saturday morning about 6:20 a.m.. Reports say the victim was travelling ...
  • 8-Apr-2011

    Fatal Houston Traffic Accident on North Freeway Service Road

    Early last month Houston police say the driver of a silver Chevrolet Malibu left the roadway at 10200 North Freeway - also known as North Interstate Highway 45 -- about 6:20 a.m. on a Saturday morning. The victim was evidently travelling northbound ...
  • 7-Apr-2011

    Energy Drinks Hospitalize Students

    Four Saint Joseph's University students were taken to the hospital emergency room after drinking Four Loko and Joose energy drinks. Reports say the Four Loko drinks caused students to experience walking blackouts, anxiety, heart palpitations, ...
  • 6-Apr-2011

    Hewlett-Packard CEO Resigns Under Sexual Harassment Probe

    Mark Hurd, Chief Executive of Hewlett-Packard Co., resigned suddenly over the summer following a sexual harassment claim which was filed against him by an outside contractor. Reports say that as HP launched an investigation, Hurd quit the company. ...
  • 5-Apr-2011

    Ice-Over Causes Fatal Traffic Accident on Houston's Southwest Freeway

    During the icy conditions in South Texas early last month, a fatal traffic accident occurred at 5600 Southwest Freeway (South U.S. Highway 59) about 3:55 a.m. Friday, February 4 th, reports say. Due to ice on the roadway that week, several vehicles ...
  • 5-Apr-2011

    Antiseptic Wipes Recalled for Possible Bacterial Contamination

    Reports say Smith & Nephew's Advanced Wound Management division recently announced a U.S. voluntary nationwide recall of some alcohol prep products, such as pads, wipes, and swabs over concerns about potential microbial contamination. The ...
  • 4-Apr-2011

    United Nations Deals with String of Sexual Harassment Complaints

    The UN is currently dealing with a string of sexual harassment complaints within its own ranks, reports say. Several women who complained of harassment say their employment contracts weren't renewed, and the men they accused retired or resigned, ...
  • 3-Apr-2011

    American Apparel Founder Faces Sexual Harassment Charges

    Dov Charney, chairman and chief executive officer of American Apparel, has been charged in a court filing by Irene Morales, a former manager of one of American Apparel's branches in New York City, that Charney repeatedly used "extreme psychological ...
  • 2-Apr-2011

    Alcohol/Energy Drink Leads to Hospital

    Several freshmen at Central Washington University were hospitalized after attending an off campus party in October last year at which they consumed Four Loko, an alcoholic beverage containing twelve percent alcohol and caffeine. The students ...
  • 2-Apr-2011

    Woman who Drove SUV Into Dallas Pond Ruled Accidental

    Although exactly what happened still isn't clear, what is clear is that the death of 39-year-old Jennifer Michelle Patton was an accident. Patton veered off the road and into a pond, trapping her inside and ultimately drowning her, reports say. ...
  • 1-Apr-2011

    Energy Drinks May be Harmful to People with Hypertension

    Individuals with high blood pressure or heart disease are being warned to avoid energy drinks, a recent report posted by the Henry Ford Hospital study said. The study showed that adults without a risk of heart disease or high blood pressure who drank ...

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