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Blog Posts in May, 2018

  • 30-May-2018

    Types of Injuries in Refinery Explosions

    When you mention “refinery,” the average person will assume that you mean a facility that converts crude oil into gasoline, diesel, and residential/industrial heating oil. This same person will be surprised to learn that a ...
  • 30-May-2018

    New Jersey School Bus Crash Leaves Teacher, Student Dead

    On May 17th of this year, a New Jersey school bus accident claimed the lives of a teacher and a fifth-grader. In today’s post, the school bus accident lawyer at the Doan Law Firm will present a summary of the currently-known facts of this ...
  • 30-May-2018

    California Semi-Truck Accident and One Million Bees

    Comprehensive Commercial Truck Accident Compensation Must Cover Personal Injury and Property Loss Every week, California semi-truck accidents occur that result in significant losses. These losses include those arising from personal injuries, and even ...
  • 24-May-2018

    Can Non-Physicians be Sued for Malpractice?

    When most hear the word “malpractice,” they assume that you mean malpractice by a physician. However, healthcare workers such as nurses, technologist, and therapists can also commit malpractice. In today’s post, the medical ...
  • 22-May-2018

    San Francisco Semi-Truck Accident Injures Seven

    The Doan Law Firm Fights for Commercial Truck Accident Victims Seven people were injured in San Francisco when a semi-truck crashed into a passenger car as well as two pedestrians. According to law enforcement, the San Francisco semi-truck accident ...
  • 22-May-2018

    Husky Energy Plant Explosion Investigation Update

    At approximately 10:00 AM on April 26th an explosion, followed by two fires, struck the Husky Energy Oil Refinery located in Superior WI. In today’s post, the refinery explosion lawyer at the Doan Law Firm presents an update to that post based ...
  • 21-May-2018

    Kuraray Plant Explosion Hospitalizes 21 Workers

    Fiery Explosion Rips Through Chemical Plant After Apparent Mechanical Malfunction at Facility Emergency personnel responded to what is described as "fiery" Kuraray plant explosion in Pasadena late on Saturday morning. According to emergency ...
  • 21-May-2018

    Kuraray Plant Explosion Lawyer

    Explosion, Fire at Pasadena’s Kuraray America EVAL Plant Injures 21 Workers Ethylene gas leak quickly contained and posed no danger to Pasadena-area residents, said emergency management officials Previous posts on this site have covered recent ...
  • 19-May-2018

    Multiple injuries reported after a flash fire at Kuraray plant outside of Pasadena, TX

    Fire at Kuraray Specialty Chemical Plant In 2013, Kuraray's Specialty Chemical division broke ground on a 40,000 ton chemical plant in La Porte, TX. This plant, just outside of Pasadena, TX injured at least 20 people this morning when a fire ...
  • 18-May-2018

    14-Year-Old Injured in Mobile, AL High School Football Hazing Attack

    In other blogs posted on this site we have discussed the problem of hazing by college fraternities. In the past week another report of hazing that resulted in a serious injury has emerged, only this incident involves a high school football team ...
  • 15-May-2018

    Injuries During School-Sponsored Athletics

    My Child was Injured During School-Sponsored Athletics: What are My Options? Team sports are a part of the after-school social life at practically every school in the country. However, these activities also carry the risk of injury to the ...
  • 11-May-2018

    Alabama Football Hazing Incident

    14-Year-Old Injured in High School Football Hazing Attack In other blogs posted on this site, we have discussed the problem of hazing by college fraternities. In the past week, another report of hazing that resulted in a serious injury has emerged, ...
  • 8-May-2018

    "Black Boxes" and Commercial Trucking Accidents

    "Black Boxes" and Commercial Trucking Accidents When reconstructing truck accidents, it isn’t unusual for statements made by those involved in an accident to give conflicting accounts of how an accident happened. In some cases, ...
  • 8-May-2018

    Trapped Motorist Narrowly Escapes Death in Fiery Los Angeles Semi-Truck Accident

    Big Rig Operator and Trapped Motorist Survive Los Angeles Semi-truck Accident A fiery semi-truck accident in Los Angeles occurred in the middle of the afternoon on one of the many highways that traverse the city. Thanks to the efforts of ROTC ...
  • 4-May-2018

    Wisconsin Oil Refinery Explosion

    Initial Explosion Ripped Through Gasoline Creation Unit A week after a Wisconsin oil refinery explosion, investigators and company officials are finally releasing essential information related to the cause of the accident. They jointly released a ...
  • 4-May-2018

    Traumatic Brain Injury and Athletes

    One of the conditions that may be encountered in both amateur and professional athletes is traumatic brain injury (TBI). In our context, TBI will be used to describe any change in normal brain function that occurs after the application of violent ...
  • 1-May-2018

    Five Killed in Truck Accident at Mt. Pleasant, Texas

    Semi-Truck Slams Into Rear of Mini-van Carrying Family of Five A complicated and deadly series of collisions took multiple lives on Interstate 30 outside Mt. Pleasant, Texas. An initial accident resulted in no fatalities but brought traffic to a ...
  • 1-May-2018

    Negligent Hiring in the Workplace

    Many of us have seen news reports following an accident which has revealed that an employee had concealed certain facts about themselves from their employer. In many such cases, the employee would not have been hired had that employee been honest ...

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