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If you, or a loved one, have been injured because of the negligence of someone else, you need to understand your rights. You need to take the vital steps necessary to protect those interests, including hiring a skilled, experienced El Paso personal injury lawyer. The Doan Law Firm legal team includes El Paso personal injury lawyers who stand read to discuss your case with you. Our firm can be reached any time, day or night, by calling our hotline at (915) 201-0000.

A Nationwide Firm in Your Hometown

One of the major benefits The Doan Law Firms brings to your case is our standing as a nationwide law firm, located right in your hometown of El Paso. Because we are a law firm with offices located across the country, The Doan Law Firm has resources that are not available other El Paso attorneys. This includes access to a wide range of experts that can provide invaluable assistance to an El Paso personal injury lawyer representing you after an accident.

Taking on a Large Insurance Company

Insurance companies are in business for one primary reason. These huge corporations exist to make money for their shareholders. They increase profits by limiting the amount of money paid out on claim settlements, including in cases just like your own.

The legal team at The Doan Law Firm has a strong background in taking on insurance companies. An El Paso personal injury lawyer from our firm will work tirelessly in our fight for fair and complete compensation for you in your case. We are committed to obtaining justice for you.

Fighting for Fair Compensation for You

The unique facts of a case, including the circumstances of an accident and the nature of your injuries, govern compensation. Nothing this legal reality, there are certain types of damages, losses, and injuries The Doan Law Firm El Paso personal injury legal team seeks financial compensation for our clients.

These include:

  • medical bills and expenses
  • physical pain and suffering
  • emotional distress and mental anguish
  • physical disability
  • physical disfigurement
  • property damage or loss
  • lost income

The legal team at our firm fights to ensure that you obtain comprehensive compensation. This usually includes more than money for your existing losses, but also for losses you reasonable expect to face into the future.

You are likely to require ongoing medical care and treatment. You may not be able to return to work any time soon. Indeed, your injuries may preclude you from returning to the type of work you enjoyed before an accident. You may endure pain indefinitely, possibly even for the rest of your life.

All of these represent examples of the types of ongoing or future losses for which we will fight to obtain financial compensation for you. In addition, depending on the facts of your case, we may also seek punitive or compensatory damages for you.

Punitive or compensatory damages represent additional money paid to you. Punitive or compensatory damages are awarded in a personal injury lawsuit when a determination is made that the conduct of the party that caused the accident was particularly reckless or egregious. The serve to not only provide an injured person additional money, but serve to punish the person that caused the accident in the first instance.

The Doan Law Firm Attorney Fee Promise

The Doan Law Firm makes a promise to you when it comes to attorney fees in an El Paso personal injury case. Our firm will never charge a fee in your personal injury case unless we obtain a favorable settlement or judgment for you. Any fee charged in your case will be agreed up front. It will be a reasonable percentage of any money we win for you in your case.

Hire a Fighter from The Doan Law Firm Today for Your El Paso Injury Case

The Doan Law Firm El Paso personal injury hotline is staffed 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, at (915) 201-0000. You can all our firm right now, or any other time. We can schedule an initial consultation with an El Paso personal injury attorney from our firm at a time and place convenient for you.

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