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Protecting Legal Rights and Interests with a Hurricane Matthew Insurance Claim Lawyer

Although Hurricane Matthew did not prove to be the complete catastrophe many meteorologists and storm experts originally projected, property damage associated with the weather event will be significant. Homeowners and business owners up and down the east coast of Florida will file property damage claims with insurance carriers in order to obtain necessary compensation to repair and rebuild.

In the aftermath of a major Florida storm, like Hurricane Matthew, insurance companies prove to be more akin to obstacles than anything else when it comes to property damage claims submitted by homeowners and business owners. A Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer can make all the difference between the appropriate settlement of a property damage claim and a homeowner or business owner waiting in limbo for an indefinite period of time. The Doan Law Firm maintains a Hurricane Matthey insurance claim lawyer team that immediately stands ready to provide crucial representation in the aftermath of this latest major Florida storm.

Taking on a Major Insurance Company

Florida insurance companies are in business for one primary reason. They exist to make money for their shareholders. The biggest hit shareholders possibly can take is the huge number of claims that get filed following a storm like Hurricane Matthew.

Hurricane damage insurance companies maximize profits for their shareholders by minimizing the amount of money paid out in claims. That will include homeowner property damage claims and business owner property damage claims submitted in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

One of the biggest media stories following major hurricanes in the past 20 years has been the manner in which property damage insurance companies handled claims submitted by home and business owners. Time and again, insurance companies failed to satisfy valid Hurricane property damage claims in a timely manner.

These insurance companies employed a variety of unfair tactics to delay the settlement of a Hurricane property damage claim. The same strategies can be expected to occur in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

Undue delays in the settlement of a property damage insurance claim can have devastating consequences on top of the misery experienced through a storm like Hurricane Matthew. The best way to ensure a prompt resolution of a Hurricane Matthew property damage claim is by retaining the professional services of an experienced Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer, like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm at 786-671-0000.

Optimize a Hurricane Matthew Property Damage Claim Settlement

Repairing and rebuilding after Hurricane Matthew will be a costly task. Although early reports of a complete coastal catastrophe fortunately did not come to pass, property damage nonetheless is fairly widespread following the storm. Residential and commercial property along the Florida coast is in need of repair.

A person in need of an insurance settlement to address residential or commercial property damage repairs must have an appropriate settlement amount to truly cover the costs of repairs. As mentioned a moment ago, property damage insurance companies work to minimize the amount of money paid in a property damage claims settlement to advance their own interests.

A trained, experienced Florida property damage insurance claim attorney understands the tactics to employ not only to best ensure a prompt settlement, but one in an appropriate amount. With that noted, there is a myth that retaining a Hurricane Matthew insurance claim settlement reduces the amount of money a person otherwise would receive in a property damage claim settlement. This is false.

Due to the strategic efforts of the experienced Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer, a home or business receives more money in the way of a settlement. Indeed, this is the case even when attorney fees are taken into account. A Florida storm damage claim attorney uses a contingency fee agreement. A client pays no fee unless and until a favorable claim settlement is reached.

Retain a Hurricane Matthew Insurance Claim Lawyer

The Doan Law Firm has a Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer team in place to assist Florida homeowners and Florida business owners deal with property damage claims. An initial consultation with a qualified, experienced Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer can be scheduled immediately by calling The Doan Law Firm hotline at 786-671-0000.

The Florida property damage legal team at The Doan Law Firm understands that time is of the essence as the impact of Hurricane Matthew becomes apparent. The Doan Law Firm Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer at 786-671-0000 is answered around the clock, 24 hours a day, seven days a week. The telephone line is up and running even as Hurricane Matthew makes its way up the Florida coast.

A Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer can meet with a homeowner or property owner with property damage issues any time at his or her convenience. The Doan Law Firm does not charge any fee for an initial consultation with a person facing a Hurricane Matthew property damage claim.

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