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Fighting for Proper Compensation in Hurricane Matthew Property Damage Claims

Hurricane Matthew is positioned to become one of the most violent, damaging storms to ever pummel the east coast of Florida. Property damage may hit all-time records in communities up and down the Atlantic Coast of the Sunshine State.

Quite like people hunker down as a major storm arrives, insurance companies oftentimes have the same response when it comes to paying valid claims in the aftermath of a major hurricane. Insurance companies are in business to make money. Making money means minimizing the amount of money paid out on insurance claims.

A homeowner or business owner facing the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew may find his or her self-facing an insurance company unwilling to settle a claim in a fair, equitable, and appropriate manner. In order to best ensure that a homeowner or business owner obtains proper compensation for storm losses, retaining the services of an experienced, tenacious Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer is a must. There are many ways a skillful Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer can provide vital assistance in a homeowner or business owner's time of need.

Unfair Use of Policy Exclusions

One tactic that insurance companies take time and again in the aftermath of a major storm, like Hurricane Matthew in Florida, is using certain policy exclusions in an unfair and improper manner. For example, an insurance company might quibble that the cause of damage to property was not the hurricane, but rather flooding. They extend the contention a step further and maintain that flooding is excluded by an insurance policy.

Lacking full knowledge of the ins and outs of the laws governing property damage insurance claims, a homeowner or business owner has no reference point to understand the propriety of an insurance company's attempt to exclude certain aspects of an insurance claim. On the other hand, a skilled, experienced Florida insurance claim lawyer has the knowledge and skills necessary to fight unfair claims settlement practices undertaken by large insurance companies following major weather events like Hurricane Matthew.

Inappropriate Delay of Claim Settlements

Another insidious tactic employed by property and casualty insurance companies in the aftermath of major storms is unfairly, inappropriately delaying the resolution of a valid claim for compensation. The strategy by a mammoth insurance company is to drag its feet in regard to a storm-related insurance settlement with the idea that doing so will force a home or business owner to settle for a lower amount of compensation. A person in need of money to address property damage may ultimately wear down and conclude that some money in his or her pocket is better than trying to survive without any compensation while an insurance company drags the claim settlement process on indefinitely.

An experienced Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer can be invaluable assistance in taking on an insurance company intent on inappropriately and unfairly working to delay the settlement of a valid claim. A Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer not only understands the specific provision of Florida insurance law, but also knows the true application of insurance policy provisions.

Statistics reveal that claims in which a skilled property damage attorney represents a claimant settle fair more quickly than those in which a person seeking compensation for storm-related losses pursues a claim on his or her own, according to The Florida Bar. The Doan Law Firm, at 786-671-0000, has a legal team that includes Florida property damage claim lawyers.

Retaining an Attorney Increases Compensation

Some homeowners and business owners balk at retaining a lawyer because of a concern regarding how attorney fees impact compensation. They believe they will end up with less money because of the costs associated with hiring a property damage claim lawyer.

Time and again, a person in need for compensation for property damage after a storm, like Hurricane Matthew, ends up with more money in an insurance settlement, including when attorney fees are factored into the total, according to the American Bar Association. A Hurricane Matthew insurance claim lawyer at The Doan Law Firm employs strategies best designed to increase compensation.

Contact The Doan Law Firm

The legal team at The Doan Law Firm includes Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyers ready to serve the needs of homeowners and business owners in the aftermath of this extraordinary storm. A Florida insurance claim lawyer will schedule an initial consultation with a home or business owner immediately. An appointment can be scheduled now by calling 786-671-0000, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. The phone will be up and working no matter the state of affairs on the ground in Florida.

The Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer team from The Doan Law Firm has offices in Miami, but is available to meet with home and business owners at any location convenient to these people.

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