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Hurricane Matthew Property Damage Claims: Get Help from Hurricane Matthew Property Damage Lawyer

Hurricanes cause the most extensive property damage, when contrasted with other types of weather events. A single hurricane can cause damages in the tens of billions of dollars. Hurricane Katrina is the most damaging of these types of storms in U.S. history, with property losses in the amount of about $106 billion.

Other hurricanes have caused considerable property losses as well:

  • Hurricane Sandy - $60 billion
  • Hurricane Andrew - $46 billion
  • Hurricane Ike - $28 billion
  • Hurricane Wilma $22 billion
  • Hurricane Ivan - $20 billion
  • Hurricane Charlie - $16 billion

The Weather Channel reports that a Category 4 hurricane, like Hurricane Matthew, has never run up the east Florida coastline. That type of event would be an incomparable catastrophe, according to many weather experts. The potential damage caused by Hurricane Matthew may be like nothing ever before seen in the history of Florida, indeed in the history of the United States.

With the anticipated extent of property damage in Florida in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew, homeowners and business owners will be faced with the need to file property damage insurance claims. There is no reasonable estimate on the number of Florida property damage claims that will end up filed in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew.

The Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer team from The Doan Law Firm has the experience, compassion, and tenacity to work with Floridians as they are faced with the aftermath of this major weather event. The Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer team from The Doan Law Firm is keeping its hotline up and running around the clock, curing and after this tremendous storm. The phone number is 786-671-0000.

Be Prepared for a Fight

The names of horrendous hurricanes, that took hundreds of lives and caused untold damage, include: Hurricane Katrina, Hurricane Sandy, Hurricane Andrew, and now, Hurricane Matthew.

These catastrophic storms that will live in infamy. These storms caused billions of dollars in damage. Although the final tally is a good ways down the road, there is some talk that Hurricane Matthew has the potential for becoming the most costly hurricane in U.S. history.

A home or business owner needs to keep in mind that an insurance company is in business for one reason, and one reason only. An insurance company exists to make money for their shareholders.

Because the primary purpose of an insurance company is to make money, it increases its profits by reducing the amount of money paid out in claims. As a result, a home or business owner needs to be braced for a fight when it comes to submitting a claim in the aftermath of a major weather event like Hurricane Matthew.

When an insurance company is faced with a large number of property damage claims following a major weather event, it does anything possible to minimize the amount of money paid out to claimants. An insurance company will unreasonably delay the settlement of claims to wear down a home or business owner. An insurance company will rush the process to leave a home or business owner thinking he or she better snag what money is available. The list of strategies utilized by an insurance company are seemingly endless.

The best way to be prepared for a fight with an insurance company following a significant weather event like Hurricane Matthew is retaining the professional assistance of a skilled, experienced, tenacious Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer.

The legal team of The Doan Law Firm includes Hurricane Matthew property damage attorneys ready to take on insurance companies. An appointment with a Florida property damage claim attorney from The Doan Law Firm can be scheduled any time, day or night, by calling 786-671-0000.

The Doan Law Firm phone line will be up and running no matter the conditions on the ground anywhere in Florida, during or in the aftermath of Hurricane Matthew. There is no charge for a consultation with a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm to discuss a Hurricane Matthew property damage claim.

Prompt Appraisal

Time and again, obtaining a timely appraisal for property damage following a weather event like Hurricane Matthew can be challenging. There are practical reasons why this is the case. There are hundreds, if not thousands, of properties in need of at least a preliminary appraisal.

One of the key benefits that can be realized by retaining is making certain that a timely appraisal of damaged residential or commercial property occurs. A prompt appraisal works to ensure that the overall claims settlement process continues to move forward apace.

Florida Hurricane Matthew Property Damage Claim Lawyer Facts

A Florida Hurricane Matthew property damage claim lawyer at The Doan Law Firm utilizes a contingency fee. No attorney fee is charged, unless and until a favorable settlement is reached on a Florida property damage claim. Any fee is agreed to between a home or business owner and a member of The Doan Law Firm property damage claims attorney team.

History time and again demonstrates that a homeowner or business owner with legal representation is able to obtain an appropriate claim settlement in a far more reasonable period of time. In addition, an individual ends up with more money for rebuilding with legal representation, even when reasonable attorney fees are taken into account.

Retain a Hurricane Matthew Property Damage Claims Lawyer

Hurricane Matthew is being described as a 500 mile-wide freight train that has run off its tracks. Homeowners and business owners are not alone when it comes to ensuring that they have the money they need for address property damage. The Hurricane Matthew property damage lawyer team from The Doan Law Firm can schedule an emergency consultation with a home or property owner at no charge. An appointment can be made by calling the property damage claims team at 786-671-0000.

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