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Patients place a great deal of trust in medical professionals and in the administrators who run clinics, hospitals, and other medical facilities. Whether they’re getting tested for an illness or undergoing surgery, what do patients reasonably expect?

  • The right medications prescribed or provided to them at the right doses.
  • Accurate and thorough records of their medical history and symptoms.
  • Diagnostic tests and treatments that are administered competently.
  • Clean surroundings with proper infection control.
  • Equipment that’s adequately sterilized.
  • Doctors and other professionals who have the appropriate level of training and are fit to work with patients.
  • Clear and truthful information for giving informed consent.
  • Lab samples that are handled carefully and are free from preventable contamination or errors.
  • The necessary follow-up care for a given treatment.

Even though many medical facilities in Texas offer good care, patients sometimes become victims of negligence. They suffer from substandard practices and shocking carelessness, and they’re subjected to mistakes that could have been prevented.

The Dire Effects of Medical Malpractice

Malpractice is a betrayal of patients’ trust. And it can lead to terrible consequences, including:


Central line-associated bloodstream infections

  • Infections. Two of the most common ones, especially in hospitals, are infections that originate in surgical sites and urinary tract infections linked to catheter use. Central line-associated bloodstream infections are also a major problem and result in thousands of deaths each year. Furthermore, patients may be exposed to HIV, strains of hepatitis, and other serious diseases.


  • Misdiagnoses. When medical professionals fall short of standards of care, they may fail to order necessary medical tests, which results in a patient remaining untreated and stuck with a worsening illness. Other times, a misdiagnosis leads doctors to embark on a treatment course that’s inappropriate and harmful.

Delays, errors, or negligence in treatment

  • Delays, errors, or negligence in treatment. Even if they’ve received the correct diagnosis, patients may suffer from treatments that are administered poorly or delayed for unjustifiable reasons.

Preventable medication errors

  • Preventable medication errors. If patients receive the wrong medication or an unsafe dose, they may die, require hospitalization, or experience permanent damage to their body. If they’re pregnant, their baby might suffer from a birth defect.

Damage from faulty equipment or other medical products

  • Damage from faulty equipment or other medical products. Companies that produce vaginal mesh, devices for hip replacement, or other products may fail to disclose risks or may knowingly release products that are defective. Another possibility is that doctors who know about the potential problems of a product may not give patients enough information to make informed decisions.

The outcomes of medical malpractice include death, protracted illness, medical complications, and disability. You may need to undergo multiple surgeries, hospitalization, visits to the emergency room, extensive outpatient care, physical therapy, and counseling for psychological difficulties.

Your quality of life may deteriorate sharply and include unemployment, ruined relationships, and an inability to participate in various activities. You may also need to hire a personal care aide or modify your home to accommodate disabilities. The expenses of medical malpractice are potentially enormous, and the toll on physical and mental health is considerable.

Why Should You Meet With a Galveston Medical Malpractice Lawyer?

Texas lawyers who are experienced in the state’s medical malpractice laws can prove enormously beneficial in a number of ways:

  • They help you determine if your case meets the definition of medical malpractice, and they clarify other elements of the law, including the statute of limitations and caps on damages.
  • With their guidance, you’re in a better position to figure out who is at fault. In complex cases, there may be multiple parties that share the fault, including doctors and corporations.
  • They help you collect and organize evidence, articulate powerful arguments on your behalf, and find weaknesses in any arguments presented against you.
  • They thoroughly prepare you for dealing with insurance companies and court appearances.
  • Instead of coping with the burden of your case entirely on your own, you enjoy the relief that comes with dedicated legal support. Your medical malpractice lawyer is your advocate.

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