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“At the Doan Law Firm, our Irvine sexual abuse lawyer team appreciates that nothing in life presents such a unique set of challenges than does facing down a perpetrator of sex abuse, assault, or harassment. An experienced and compassionate attorney from our firm is available to you any time to discuss your case in complete confidence. You can reach us right now or at any other time that is convenient and comfortable for you by calling us at (949) 438-0000.”

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Sexual Abuse: You are Not Alone

If you are an Irvine sexual abuse survivor, you very well may feel isolated and alone. The stark reality is that you are not alone. More than 50 percent of U.S. women report being the target of sexual abuse or sexual violence during the course of their lifetimes. Almost 25 percent of all men indicate that they have been the targets of sexual abuse or sexual violence during their lives. This is an extraordinary segment of the population.

33 percent of women report that they were the target of completed or attempted rape at some juncture in time between the ages of 11 and 17. Over 730,000 people in the United States report being raped or threatened with rape during the course of any given year. It is estimated that a considerable number of rape survivors do not report their experiences to law enforcement.

The National Sexual Violence Resource Center indicates that the lifetime costs of being a survivor of rape is over $120,000. These losses include everything from lost wages to medical expenses (including for mental health therapy). Part of obtaining justice and accountability as a survivor of sexual assault is obtaining suitable compensation for injuries, damages, and losses of all types.

You can learn more about your rights by scheduling a confidential appointment with an Irvine sexual abuse lawyer by calling (949) 438-0000.

How Does a California Sexual Abuse Case Work?

A California sexual abuse case can be a complex and challenging matter. The manner in which a California sexual abuse case is pursued depends upon the surrounding facts and circumstances underlying the case itself. By way of example, if a sex abuse case arose in a setting like a school or church, a claim might be filed with an insurance company. Ultimately, a California sexual abuse case may end up in court in the form of a lawsuit

The reality is that due to the complexities of a California sexual abuse case, there is a great deal of room for error. If a mistake is made in pursuing a claim, a survivor can forever be precluded for obtaining justice and accountability in a case. The surest way to prevent an unnecessary mistake in a claim or case is to retain the services of a skilled, seasoned Irvine sexual abuse attorney.

You can find out more about how legal representation is crucial by schedule a confidential consultation with a San Francisco sexual abuse lawyer. You can arrange for an appointment right now or any time that is convenient for you by calling The Doan Law Firm at (949) 438-0000.

Extended Deadline to File a California Sexual Abuse Lawsuit

California law has changed to allow adults to take legal action and seek justice in a case involving their sexual abuse or sexual assault as a child. California law now allows a person of any age a period of three years beginning on January 1, 2020, to file a lawsuit seeking accountability and compensation associated with child sexual abuse. This window is open no matter how long ago the incident occurred.

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