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Have you been hurt in an accident that forced you to spend time in a hospital or receive other types of care to help you recover? If so, you may be entitled to compensation for your injuries and other damages. A Jacksonville injury lawyer may be able to help you get that compensation in a timely manner. Your accident attorney will act as an advocate both in an outside of the court room, which allows you to focus on your recovery.

Do I Have to Pay Upfront for an Accident Lawyer?

A personal injury lawyer generally collects his or her fee when the case is settled. Therefore, you don’t have to pay your personal injury attorney until you are paid, which makes it possible to get the legal services that you need without worrying about how you will pay for it. No matter how long it takes for the case to be resolved, legal counsel will do everything possible to make sure that you are taken care of.

Should I Settle My Case?

One method of resolving a personal injury case in Jacksonville, Florida is to reach a settlement with the person who hurt you. In some cases, the insurance company representing that person will try to settle the case with you. Ideally, you will wait until after you are able to speak with a personal injury lawyer before deciding whether or not to settle.

Your personal injury attorney will analyze the facts in the case, how likely it is that the other side is willing to settle as well as whether or not any settlement offer is in your best interest. From there, you can decide if you should accept an offer as presented or pursue a trial instead. It is important to note that you can choose to accept an offer or go to trial regardless of what your attorney thinks.

Do I Really Need an Accident Lawyer?

You may think that you can settle your case without a Jacksonville injury lawyer. While you certainly have the right to represent yourself at trial or during settlement talks, this may not be in your best interest. There are many forms that you have to submit on time as well as fill out correctly as you progress in your case.

You also have to learn relevant statutes and form a coherent legal argument as to why you are entitled to compensation. Making even a single mistake in your reasoning could open the door for the other side to have your case thrown out. Therefore, it may be better to have an attorney who understands the law and how to use it to your benefit.

Remember, the insurance companies and other parties against you in the case will have legal representation. The judge and jury in your case will have no choice but to make a ruling based on the law as it is written. Therefore, you can’t expect to be given leeway just because you are representing yourself.

How Long Do I Have to File a Case?

You have four years from the time that you are hurt to file a personal injury case in the state of Florida. However, you may have two years if you are hurt as the result of medical malpractice. Your accident attorney will be able to review your case and give you more details as to when and how to pursue legal action.

If you wait too long, you may forfeit your right to obtain compensation for lost wages, lost future earnings or medical bills. It is important to know that the statute of limitations only applies to how long you have to actually bring the case to court. Therefore, the case can take longer than two or four years to be resolved without impacting your ability to collect.

Anyone who has been hurt in an accident, because of a medical error or because of a defective product should seek legal counsel today. Doing so may make it easier to obtain the money needed to pay bills or provide for loved ones. To get a free consultation, give us a call at (800) 349-0000. You can also visit the Doan Law Firm at 50 N. Laura Street, Suite 2500 Jacksonville, Florida 32202.

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