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It only takes a quick glance overhead to know that the skies over Miami are full of aircraft over every size. While most people will think about large commercial airlines when you mention airplanes, there are almost as many private aircraft in use over the Miami – Dade County area. When you add in the number of helicopter sightseeing tour flights, government aircraft and the medical emergency transport helicopters, you realize how bust the skies actually are.

Causes of Aviation Accidents

Regardless of the type of aircraft involved, most aviation accidents are due to a few problems that seem to happen more frequently than others. In fact, only four general causes account for over 90% of all aviation accidents.

  • In-flight Failure of a Critical Aircraft Part

Pilot error is when a pilot makes a decision that is contrary to the pilot’s training and/or experience and is the leading cause of fatal and non-fatal aircraft accidents in both the United States and in the Miami area.

  • In-flight Failure of a Critical Aircraft Part

Engine failure during takeoff or landing is the most common aircraft system failure. Failure of an aircraft’s electrical system can deprive a pilot of navigation and communication instruments and can also lead to an accident. In-flight failure of a critical component is especially deadly with helicopters since a helicopter cannot make a controlled descent in an emergency.

  • Maintenance Issues at the time of an accident

All aircraft receive routine inspections for any problems found that would affect aircraft safety. Most in-flight equipment failures are traceable to inspection and maintenance procedures that failed to detect problems while the aircraft was still on the ground.

  • Weather

Sudden or unexpected changes in weather conditions can cause even the most experienced pilots to lose control of their aircraft. In the Miami area, thunderstorms are the weather most often cited as causing or contributing to an aircraft accident.

Who Is Responsible For Aviation Accident Injuries?

As a general rule, injuries in aircraft accidents are assumed to be the responsibility of the aircraft’s owners. Even if all aircraft systems were functioning normally at the time, pilot error is usually the ultimate cause of the accident. Although it can take up to two years for the federal agencies that investigate aircraft accidents to publish their reports, it is usually safe to assume liability rests with the owner of the aircraft.

What Kind of Damages Can I Recover In An Airplane or Helicopter Accident

Injuries in aircraft accidents are usually extensive and can, if they are not fatal, require months of hospital care. A Miami airplane accident lawyer will take into consideration the extent of the injuries, the anticipated cost for treatment for those injuries and other “intangibles” such as lost income, pain and suffering, and psychological trauma that a victim’s family may have experienced.

Since many helicopter accidents involve helicopters that are transporting critically ill patients to a hospital, a Miami helicopter accident lawyer will factor in whether or not a fatal accident was the result of an accident or due to the illness that prompted the helicopter flight. Such decisions will require the assistance of specialists in both medicine and aircraft accident investigation. The damages sought in helicopter accidents will, of course, include the same intangibles as those sought in airplane accidents but will also take into consideration many factors that are unique to each accident victim.

Both airplane and helicopter accidents frequently involve serious, if not fatal, injuries to the aircraft’s passengers and to those on the ground. Aircraft crash and/or forced landings can also cause significant to ground structures close to the accident scene. Even though there may be no physically injured client to represent an aircraft injury lawyer would still be able to assist property owners recover damages to their property and other costs.

Contacting a Miami Helicopter Accident Lawyer Or Miami Airplane Accident Lawyer

Fortunately, airplane and helicopter accidents are relatively rare in the Miami area. When such accidents do occur it is important that those injured, and their families, contact an attorney with experience in dealing with these accidents. In Miami, the Doan Law Firm represents accident victims and their families with the tasks of recovering damages that result from aviation accidents.

You can contact our aviation accident injury lawyer by calling (786) 671-0000. At the Doan Law Firm your first consultation is always free and does not create any obligation. If you decide for our firm to represent you, we will provide all the necessary fees and expenses for you to win your case and will accept a percentage of your final settlement as payment in full for our services.

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