Commercial Fisherman Killed By Equipment

A 24-year-old commercial fishing vessel skipper died when he got caught in a net and pulled into a deck winch.

The recent incident occurred while a load of salmon was being pulled in while the skipper stood near the pulley. The captain, whose name was not released, reportedly caught the sleeve of his raingear in the lines and was pulled through the winch-head one revolution then, as he came around the other side of winch, his head struck the deck and knocked him unconscious.

Although fellow workers attempted CPR, they were unsuccessful and he died. The victim's body was removed from the boat and he was declared dead at a nearby medical facility. Reports from the medical examiner indicate an injury of cervical spinal cord as the primary cause of death. Also noted was trauma to the neck.

His second season as a skipper, the victim also had seven years of experience as a deckhand. No formal safety training program was practiced on the vessel.

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