Four-Year-Old Dies as Father Tries to Race Trolley on Bicycle

Reports say four-year-old Veronica Ramirez was in a child seat attached to a bicycle ridden by her father when trolley barriers descended warning that a train was approaching. The father apparently decided to beat the oncoming trolley. The train struck them. The father was able to get up off the ground after the accident, but the little girl had massive head injuries that included a huge loss of blood.

When emergency crews arrived, she was taken to Rady Children's hospital, but she died. Her father was taken to UCSD Medical Center for non-life threatening injuries.

Reports say the girl's mother and another sibling were behind on separate bicycles and did not cross the tracks. The father and daughter were knocked about 50 feet before the trolley came to a complete stop. None of the four cyclists wore helmets.

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