Missouri Water Patrol Recovers Body In The Sac River

The Missouri Water Patrol found the body of a fisherman swept away by current near Caplinger Mills, MO in the Sac River last month, reports say.  

The dead fisherman, Kenneth Houke, was swept from a low-head dam last month in Caplinger Mills, and after an extensive search, his body was finally found. This is the second drowning in two years at the site, according to reports.

The accident underscores the sentiment of many in the community who are now arguing the U.S. Army Corp of Engineers should close gates at Stockton Dam during busy holidays, believing the closure would prevent dangerous high water downstream at Caplinger Mills. The Water Patrol says when Stockton Lake is full, engineers have no schedule to close gates at Stockton to decrease river levels at the public's request.

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