Alaska Man Killed in Welding Accident

Josiah Tholberg, a 29-year-old Homer, Alaska man, died after the bucket of a front-end loader crushed him last month while he performed some welding work for East Road Services Inc. Tholberg, whose wife was apparently pregnant with their first child, was killed when the equipment rolled on top of him.

Reports say he was welding a loader bucket, which had been detached for an easier fix. To find a position where he could weld underneath the bucket, he turned it upside down, but it reportedly fell on top of him.

Although medics performed CPR while transporting Tholberg to a Lifemed helicopter on the way to South Peninsula Hospital, the injuries already appeared life-threatening, Tholberg was pronounced dead that afternoon.

East Road Services Inc. in Homer had employed Tholberg for about a year and was performing routine off-season maintenance, prepping equipment for the upcoming summer. The bucket that killed him weighed nearly 3,000 pounds.

Ironworkers have one of the highest rates of on-the-job accidents in the nation. From heights and falls to welding accidents to being crushed by raw materials, it is one of the most dangerous jobs in the country. And although workers know the risks, adding to those risks by individual negligence increases the on-the-job danger tremendously.

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