Down Syndrome Toddler Drowns in Tub

The death of a 2-year-old boy with Down syndrome who drowned Sunday after he was found unconscious in a bathtub is cause for the Yavapai County, Arizona Attorney's Office to review information to determine whether to file charges.

The accident happened on a Sunday morning when police and firefighters were called to a possible drowning in the Arizona private pool. The toddler had been pulled from the tub and the child's mother and male roommate were performing CPR on the boy when emergency services arrived. They also tried to revive the toddler, said reports. But the boy did not respond.

Although paramedics transported the boy to Yavapai Regional Medical Center's East Campus, he was later pronounced dead.

CPS apparently had active files on the residence and is looking into possible connections to other states, say officials. The boy's mother and her male roommate found the toddler unconscious in the tub where he had been taking a bath, apparently alone.

When accidents like this occur, reports of negligence are taken seriously by both public officials and all parties involved. Often there are accountable parties, and those at fault can be held responsible.

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