Injured Ironworker Sues Illinois Power Companies

An ironworker filed suit last month against Illinois Power Company, Power Maintenance and Constructors, Dynegy, Dynegy Midwest Corporation, and Illinova Corporation for injuries he sustained while working as a subcontractor.

Gregory K. Masterson was employed by Ben Hur Construction Company as an ironworker when he was injured in 2009 when he fell through a hole on a grate floor. He reportedly sustained injuries to his right shoulder, right arm, and back.

Reportedly, Masterson claims that because of those injuries, he lost significant income, incurred medical expenses, and experienced serious pain and suffering. He also reportedly said that his ability to enjoy his life and take part in his usual activities became impaired.

Claiming the defendants neglected to provide him with a safe workplace by failing to make sure the hole was properly covered or that no proper warnings or safety precautions were issued, Masterson is reportedly seeking over $200,000 plus expenses.

Ironworkers have some of the most dangerous working conditions of any profession in the United States, according to government reports. And tenured ironworkers know the danger. But negligence is unacceptable.

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