Ironworker Killed In Arizona State Building Construction Fall

Ian Delmar was killed recently in a downtown Phoenix, AZ construction site when he apparently fell through a ventilation shaft after a covering had come loose, said a Fire Deptment spokesman.

A crane was reportedly placing an I-beam into position for a on the sixth floor, while Delmar helped guide the beam into place. As he walked backward, he reportedly kicked a piece of plywood covering the air-conditioning ventilation shaft, took another backward step and dropped 80 feet, reports say. His fatal wounds included head trauma, internal injuries and two broken arms.

Sundt Construction Inc., the project's prime contractor, along with Arizona labor officials are investigating the accident. The company for which Delmar, 21, worked, was involved in the building of a new $71-millon journalism building for Arizona State University.

As one of the most dangerous professions in the country, ironworkers have an injury rate higher than almost any other type of worker. Danger is well-known to iron workers, but in some cases, where negligence is the cause, even the most seasoned ironworker is unprepared.

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