Surfer Drowns off Santa Barbara Coast

Santa Barbara resident Gordon Alan Jennell was found floating in the surf near a popular beach Thursday. He was apparently surfing.

His body, clad in a wetsuit, was reported via second-hand reports that first spotted an unoccupied surfboard floating below the Douglas Family Preserve in the morning. At first, officers could not locate the board, so they assumed the report had been false. But about three hours later, a caller reported a body had washed up at the beach.

Authorities reportedly believe the victim was surfing at the time of the incident, since they found his car parked near the top of Mesa Steps. Police still have no ideas what led to the apparent drowning, and the exact cause of the death will be determined by the coroner's office in the next few days. Authorities retrieved the body and noted there were no signs of trauma or foul play.

In this case, it appears there was no negligence and the accident was due to some sort of issue the lone surfer had while surfing. But in many instances, negligence can be part of the cause of death.

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