Three Electrocuted in Their Backyard

A family of three was electrocuted earlier this month by power lines that had fallen in the backyard of their home, reports say.

The family of three, including the mother, father and their 21-year old son were in their backyard of their San Bernardino, CA home taking care of a small fire that had started - apparently as a result of the power lines. Reports say high winds were reported in San Bernardino Thursday night and several power lines fell, with outages in the neighborhood Thursday night.

Emergency crews were called to the scene and discovered power lines down about 10 feet from the rear of the home; all three victims were lying in the grass, still in their nightclothes, reports say.

Two other family members, a 17-year old daughter and 10-year old son, were inside the home and were not injured. The two other children are in the care of family, reports say.

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