Salmonella Death at Retirement Home

An assisted living facility in Maine named Quarry Hill were the victims of a Salmonella outbreak where one person died and another was hospitalized for infection, reports say.

The death was reported to have occurred on earlier this year at a Maine Medical Center and the deceased was living full-time at the facility. The hospitalized patient was residing in the memory impairment assisted living part of the facility, reports say.

The Maine Centers of Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) was attempting to locate the source of the poisoning - which is almost always through food. But as of this report, there was no definite answer available.

Food-borne illnesses have been occurring in nursing homes and hospitals with significant frequency, reports say, and are rarely the fault of the consumer, reports say. Contaminated food causes Salmonella Infection, known as salmonellosis, and those affected with the bacteria suffer from ailments like vomiting, abdominal cramps and diarrhea. For healthy people, the infection usually runs its course within a week. But for elderly and very young people, infection may spread to the blood stream, and can cause death.

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