Student Dies In School Accident

Jordan Adams-Meckola died at the Miller Dwan Burn Center in Duluth, Iowa recently after a welding accident incident at school left severely burned and clinging to life.

Reports say the school he attended is not providing mush information about the accident, but reports say that Jordan was in Welding class at the Mesabi East school in Aurora, Minn when his shirt caught on fire and he was badly burned.

Reports say he had been in gym class prior to shop class, and had used an aerosol body spray, which may have made the shirt more flammable. Classmates reportedly tried to help Jordan by hosing him down with water. Reports say that Jordan was not wearing a safety coat at the time. Although students are provided safety coats, they are reportedly not required to use them.

Jordan had been at Miller Dwan in Duluth since the accident, but died in mid-May. His cause of death was listed Addison's Disease, a disorder of the adrenal system, reports say.

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