Teenager's Wardrobe May Have Caused Drowning

An autistic teenager may have drowned in a Singapore pond at Woodlands Town Centre on New Year's Day because he had a propensity for rolling up his t-shirt to his shoulders. Reports say that simple fashion alteration could have restricted his movement enough to have caused his death when he entered the water.

The boy, Matthew Chye Qi Yang, 19, was about 5-feet tall. He drowned in a pond that was slightly less than five-feet deep.

He had essentially run away from home when his father arrived home and opened the front door on New Year’s Eve last year. The father, Mr Chye, called police about four hours later when Matthew failed to return.

In the meantime, two park workers found Matthew floating face down in the water on New Year's Day. As usual, the teenager's black t-shirt was rolled up- exposing his chest and back, and he was wearing a pair of black shorts.

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