Porter, TX Crane Accident Causes Injuries and Death

A water tower in Porter, TX had been being built for the last month or so with the bottom half being completed already. However, on the Friday morning of July 6, a worker was killed in an accident at the open water tower 150 ft in the air. A large steel panel was being lifted into the air and collapsed into the open water tower while there were four workers inside. Some eyewitnesses said that they could notice the workers scrambling but did not know if they were okay. Rescuers responded shortly after and were able to lower two of the workers to safety. A third worker was injured and taken to get treated at a regional hospital for arm and chest injuries. However, the fourth worker was dead at the scene.

All the workers on the site have been accounted for. OSHA inspectors arrived at the scene to determine what caused the accident. Investigators state that the work was contracted to the Indiana-based company Phoenix Fabricators who have built more than 5,000 water towers nationwide. Porter, TX is sited roughly 30 miles northeast of Houston.

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