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Catastrophic Prime Pak Foods Explosion Accident Kills Six Workers, Others Rushed to Hospitals

Five people were killed at the scene of a massive Prime Pak Foods explosion accident on Thursday, January 28, 2021. At least 10 workers had been dispatched to area hospitals by mid-afternoon, one of these employees dying upon admission to a medical center for emergency treatment. A total of over 130 people were evacuated in and around the Prime Pak Foods facility, a Georgia food processing plant.

As of mid-afternoon on Thursday, it is unclear how many people were within the vicinity of the Prime Pak Foods poultry packing plant. As people were evacuated from the plant, they intermingled with members of the general public who happened to be in the vicinity of the facility at the time of the blast.

Zach Brackett, the Hall County Fire Department Division Chief, advised the media that responding firefighters and emergency medical personnel arrived at the scene to find “a large contingent of employees that had evacuated, along with multiple victims that were in that crowd that were also experiencing medical emergencies around the facility.” As a result of the serious nature of the Prime Pak Food explosion accident, and the number of people in and around the plant, more casualties are expected.

Of the people known to be transported to area medical centers, three were reported to be in critical condition, including the individual that has died at the hospital. The other workers of the 10 taken to hospitals are now said to be in stable condition, with hopes that they will improve. Specifics regarding the nature of injuries sustained by these workers is yet unavailable. It is presumed, however, that most of the workers taken to the hospital likely have very serious burn injuries.

Investigators are only now beginning work to identify the cause of the Prime Pak Foods explosion. At the present time, they are not certain of the underlying case of the devastating blast.

The Occupational Safety Administration (OSHA) and the Georgia Fire Marshall are at the scene of the catastrophic explosion. Liquid nitrogen is known to be used at the Prime Pak Foods to refrigerate chicken. Early reports from the site of the bast suggest that a chemical leak was the underlying cause of the explosion. Because of the regular use of liquid nitrogen at the poultry packing plant, there is a preliminary belief that this volatile chemical may be the cause of the explosion.

Nestled next to the the Blue Ridge Mountains, the Prime Pak Foods poultry plant is located in the otherwise placid community of Gainesville, Georgia. The Gainesville explosion accident has upended the otherwise peaceful life of the family-oriented community.

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