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Three People Injured in Baltimore Gas Explosion Accident

A natural gas line exploded on Friday, injuring three people in the Baltimore suburb of Pikesville. Little information is yet available on the precise cause of the Baltimore gas explosion accident. Three people have been hospitalized as a result of the accident, one of these individuals listed in critical condition.

All three of the injured people are thought to be members of Baltimore Gas and Electric, BGE, crews. Crews from the company were at the scene working on a gas line at the time of the massive explosion. No other people have been reported to have sustained serious injuries.

Information about the cause of the blast or what led up to the Pikeville gas explosion is so scant at the moment that there is uncertainty as to whether BGE crews were dispatched to the scene before the incident to address a reported problem. The possibility also exists that they were at the location for work on the gas line unrelated to any report of some type of problem with it. Investigators likely will clear up at least this point in the very immediate future.

Neighbors in the vicinity of the Pikesville gas line explosion accident reported that their homes shook because of the blast. Damage reports from surrounding properties have not yet been made public.

When emergency personnel arrived at the scene following the explosion, they evacuated homes and businesses in the area. They indicated that the evacuation occurred as a precaution in the event of additional explosions or a spreading of the fire at the specific location of the blast.

The fire was so intense, it was not under control for about three hours. Ultimately, BGE was able to cut off the gas flow to the impacted area which permitted firefighters the ability to make headway in combating the blaze.

As a result of the gas pipeline explosion more than 200 households were without electrical and gas service. BGE announced that crews were working quickly to “safely restore” power and gas service to the effected households in the area.

As mentioned a moment ago, three workers were injured as a result of the gas pipeline blast. Residents around the explosion site indicated that they immediately came of their homes in the direct aftermath of the blast. When they did so, they found one of the workers completely engulfed in flames. Neighbors responded quickly and were able to extinguish the flames completely covering the man. Emergency medical personnel indicated that the fast-acting efforts of the neighbors likely saved the man’s life.

Because of the age and lack of proper maintenance of so many gas pipelines in the United States, real dangers exist from coast to coast in the country. Some essential statistics illustrate the gravity of the situation, During the time period from 2010 to 2018, the following occurred in regard to U.S. gas pipelines:

  • More than 125 people were killed in gas pipeline explosion accidents
  • More than 600 people sustained injuries in natural gas pipeline blasts, oftentimes severe injuries
  • More than 300 gas pipeline explosions were reported during this time period
  • More than 800 fires occurred involving gas pipelines
  • Nearly 30,000 people were evacuated from their homes and businesses as a result of gas pipeline incidents

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