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Astroworld Festival Concert: Emergency Plan Lacked Surge Protocol

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Houston Fire Department Chief Samuel Peña has made it abundantly clear that investigators and others need to “get to the bottom” of the cause of the violent, deadly, and nearly hourly long uncontrolled crowd surge at the Astroworld Festival concert last Friday night. What is now known is that Astroworld Festival organizers and others in position of responsibility had developed no crowd surge protocol as part of an overall emergency plan for the event. Organizers failed to develop a crowd surge protocol despite the fact that they were on notice that this type of potentially deadly development was likely to occur at the festival in Houston NRG Park.

56-Page Astroworld Festival Event Operations Plan Lacks Surge Element

A 56-page event operations plan for the Astroworld Festival was created in advance of the event that headlined rapper Travis Scott, the performer who was on the stage at the time of deadly crowd surge. The plan includes emergency protocols for a variety of scenarios:

  • Active shooter
  • Bomb
  • Terrorist incident
  • Severe weather

But, again, nothing for crowd surge – a situation that erupted at prior Travis Scott concerts. In other words, concert organizers were on reasonable notice in the planning stages that a crowd surge was a real likelihood at the Astroworld Festival concert.

The plan created by concert organizers, devoid of any action points to address a reasonably anticipated crowd surge, includes this statement:

In any situation where large groups of people are gathering, there is the potential for a civil disturbance/riot that can present a grave risk to the safety and security of employees and guests. The key in properly dealing with this type of scenario is proper management of the crowd from the minute the doors open. Crowd management techniques will be employed to identify potentially dangerous crowd behavior in its early stages in an effort to prevent a civil disturbance/riot.

Doan Law Firm Continues to Investigate and Gather Information About the Astroworld Festival Catastrophe

Jimmy Doan and The Doan Law Firm continue to gather information and evidence regarding the deadly Astroworld Festival catastrophe. The firm is representing victims of the foreseeable Astroworld Festival disaster.

“Our experienced, caring legal team is here for you if you were injured at the Astroworld Festival or if you lost a family member at the concert,” Jimmy Doan explained. “We have established a 24-hour Astroworld Festival concert injury lawyer hotline at (832) 835-0000. We can arrange a consultation with you any time. We can meet with you at our offices in Houston, at your home, or schedule a virtual meeting using Facetime, Zoom, or any of the other internet apps. Please know we understand that you have enough to contend with at this difficult time and there is no cost for a consultation. In fact, our law firm will never charge an attorney fee unless we obtain a favorable settlement or judgment in your case.”

Update on Travis Scott Concert Injuries and Deaths

Information about the casualties from the Travis Scott concert catastrophe remains in flux. What we do know as of Wednesday morning following the Friday night Astroworld Festival disaster is:

  • Eight people have died as a result of the Travis Scott concert crowd surge
  • Killed concertgoers were between the ages of 14 to 27
  • Deceased concertgoers were from the states of Texas, Illinois, and Washington state
  • 13 people were hospitalized in critical condition as a result of injuries sustained at the Astroworld Festival
  • A 13-year-old boy remains in an induced coma as a result of injuries sustained at NRG Park
  • Hundreds of other people were injured to varying degrees at the Astroworld Festival concert

Concert Continued for 40 Minutes During Deadly Crowd Surge

Travis Scott and Drake were on the NRG Park Astroworld Festival stage at the time the deadly crowd surge began. In fact, about 10 minutes into the crowd surge, the performers paused the concert for a moment to observe the calamity unfolding in front of them. After the pause, and ignoring the tragedy, the performers – Travis Scott and Drake – continued the concert as more people died and were injured. In fact, Travis Scott and Drake performed for about 40 minutes while the crowd surge raged before the concert was finally called off.

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