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Horrific Arizona Semi-Truck Accident Kills Two, Injures Others

A catastrophic Arizona semi-truck accident on Wednesday on Interstate 10 in Casa Grande has resulted in two deaths and yet to be confirmed number of injuries. The deadly semi wreck occurred in the westbound lanes of Interstate 10 at about the Val Visa Boulevard turnoff.

Investigators are still trying to get their hands around how the deadly accident could have occurred in the first instance. What is known is that for some reason a semi-truck driver crossed over the center median on Interstate 10. The crossing resulted in the big rig heading east in the westbound lanes of the highway.

Traveling in the wrong direction, the big rig that crossed the median ended up violently colliding with two other semi-trucks and an array of other passenger vehicles. When the initial impact was made by the semi moving in the wrong direction, that commercial vehicle burst into flames.

Emergency personnel dispatched to the scene immediately after the catastrophic crash. Once at the scene, paramedics pronounced two of the semi-truck accident victims dead based on the extent of injuries they sustained.

The westbound lanes of the interstate were closed down for 11 hours to permit investigators time to collect all relevant evidence. It is thought that investigators from multiple agencies are involved in determining the cause of the roadway disaster. No information has been released as to how long the investigation will continue or when even some preliminary data on the cause of the deadly semi wreck will be made available to the public.

As of Saturday morning following the blazing big-rig wreck, officials have confirmed that “several” people have been hospitalized as a result of their injuries. Despite that piece of information, there is nothing more concrete yet available on the precise number of people hospitalized, the nature of their injuries, their prognosis, or their names. The names of the two people killed in the Arizona semi-track accident have not been released, presumably pending notification of family members. Due to the fire and fiery nature of the accident, there may also be an issue surrounding proper identification of the remains.

An investigation is ongoing regarding the reason why the semi crossed the median, a movement that resulted in the catastrophic accident. At this time, one can only speculate about possible causes of the tragic incident. With that said, these types of semi-truck accidents do occur each year across the United States. The most common underlying causes of a deadly semi-truck accident involving a big-rig crossing the centerline or median typically are:

  • Fatigued driver
  • Impaired driver
  • Intoxicated driver
  • Distracted driver
  • Mechanical malfunction
  • Speeding
  • Loss of control over rig

In a good many cases, more than one underlying cause may be at play. For example, a mechanical breakdown of some type might occur. Simultaneously with such a malfunction the operator of a rig might be distracted by another activity like eating, drinking, talking on the phone, or even texting. The malfunction itself might have resulted in a manageable situation. However, because the semi driver was otherwise distracted, he or she was not able to respond in a timely or perhaps even proper manner to the mechanical issue.

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