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Exclusive Thacher School Site of California Sexual Abuse Allegations

The iconic Thacher School in Ojai, California, continues to be rocked by allegations of sexual abuse of students by faculty members. There are also allegations of student upon student sexual abuse as well. These latest California sexual abuse allegations have yet again upended this otherwise venerable institution, founded in 1889.

Thacher School: Home to the Famous and Well-Healed

The Thacher School counts numerous well-known and powerful alums among its graduates. These include:

  • Howard Hughes
  • Joely Richardson
  • Noah Wyle

Tuition at The Thacher School is approximately $68,000 annually.

Report on Thatcher School Sexual Abuse Commissioned

In the midst of ongoing allegations of sexual abuse and sexual misconduct, The Thatcher School commissioned an independent investigation and report into the matter. The investigation and report revealed a pattern and practice of sexual abuse by faculty members upon students and by students upon students that went back decades. Indeed, there is also evidence to suggest that Thacher School alumni have also been involved in the sexual abuse of students.

Founder’s Progeny Alleged to be Guilty of Student Upon Student Sexual Abuse

The ongoing investigation into widespread sexual abuse at Thacher School even rather directly connected with the institution’s founder, Sherman Day Thacher. A relative of the founder, a student at the school, has been accused of sexually assaulting another student. Specifically, in this case the Thacher relative is said to have chocked another student during an alleged sexual assault.

Investigation into this incident suggests that school administrators agreed to not report the sexual assault to investigators or other authorities if the perpetrator left the school voluntarily. The perpetrator evidently did leave the institution voluntarily.  

Head of School Leaves Thacher School

In the aftermath of the latest round of accusations about sexual assault and sexual abuse at Thacher School, the head of the institution has taken a leave from the school. In her letter to the board of directors and the school stated, Blossom Pidduck stated:

In my own process of healing, I have come to understand that trauma of this kind feeds off shame and secrecy. Protecting this secret ultimately only protects those who have caused the harm. In order to be able to continue to do the work of supporting and caring for others, I need to take some time for my own healing.

Pidduck now contends that she was sexually abused or sexually assaulted at the school when she was a student in the 1990s.

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