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Deciding to put your beloved aged family member in a nursing home is probably the most agonizing, difficult, and traumatic decision you have ever had to make. It is likely that you made this decision only after realizing that either because of a major illness, a stroke, or some other drastic change in your loved one's health condition, they could no longer take care themselves and you could no longer provide them the care that they deserved.

Undoubtedly, when you selected a care facility for your senior family member, you did so after much research. You trusted that you were putting your parents or grandparents in a place that would care for them in a way that was better than what you could do yourself.

What if you are seeing signs that your loved one is not receiving the high quality service and dedication to their health you expected them to receive? Worse yet, what if it is becoming clear that they are being victimized by the nursing home's staff? Obviously, you realize the need to take immediate action to protect them.

Addressing Elder Abuse

Time and time again, we have seen cases of elder abuse in Texas. Unscrupulous individuals in nursing homes and other care giving facilities take advantage of the trust people put in them. They abuse and misuse their older patients because their patients are vulnerable. Because of their age, the patients do not have the physical strength to protect themselves. At times, infirmities hamper their ability to move physically or their cognitive skills. As a result, some older individuals are sexually abused, physically abused, and are forced to endure numerous indignities.

If you suspect that this is happening to your loved one, don’t waste time. Contact us today. We have the experience, the skill, and the know-how to help you research your case and take the steps necessary to aggressively protect your loved one while at the same time making the lowlife individuals who had the audacity to take advantage of your loved one pay for what they did.

Elder abuse is something that we take seriously. We pursue these cases with a level of aggressiveness and tenacity that is unparalleled. We are determined to help you fight for any compensation you are owed as a result of physical and emotional damages incurred.

Understanding Types of Elder Abuse

While it makes us frustrated to think about, the truth of the matter is that every single day thousands of elderly Americans are subjected to abuse. In the United States alone, more than 500,000 reports of elder abuse make it to the ears of the authorities every year. But it is estimated that millions go unreported.

Elder abuse takes on many forms. It includes intimidation, threats, neglect, as well as financial fraud. Below are some of the more common forms of elder abuse.

  • Physical Abuse - Physical abuse is when force is used against an elderly individual in a non-accidental way. The goal is to induce pain, produce an injury, or physically impair the elderly individual. In addition to physical assaults, this can include the inappropriate use of drugs, the inappropriate use of restraints, or unnecessarily confining an elderly individual.
  • Emotional Abuse - In the cases of emotional abuse that we have dealt with, victims have been psychologically abused. People speak to them or treat them in ways that cause them emotional distress and pain. Some forms of emotional abuse include yelling, intimidation, ridicule, blaming, and scapegoating. In addition to verbal abuse, we have helped patients who faced nonverbal abuse. This included isolating them from friends or family, menacing them, terrorizing them, or simply ignoring an elderly person for extended periods of time.
  • Sexual Abuse - In some instances, elderly individuals have been forced to endure repugnant acts of sexual abuse. These have included physical sexual acts, forcing an elderly individual to view pornographic material, or forcing them to undress to humiliate or to harass them.
  • Healthcare Fraud - Healthcare fraud is carried out by medical personnel who choose to act in unethical way. We have seen cases of medical providers who charge for healthcare, but do not provide it. Others have chosen to over medicate or under medicate their patients. Some have even committed medical fraud.
  • Financial Exploitation - This includes misusing an elderly individual's financial assets. Credit cards, bank accounts, and checks may be stolen. The elderly individual's signature may be forged, or their identity may be stolen.

In many cases the above mentioned acts will lead to justifiable criminal charges. However, our goal is to see to it that you and your loved one receives the financial compensation they deserve after experiencing abuse from individuals they should have been able to trust.

Why You Should Contact Us

Investigating and determining elder abuse can be challenging. It will require skill and experience to identify who is responsible for the abuse and to pursue financial compensation for said abuse. We have a reputation for being able to provide comprehensive advice and for being completely dedicated to our clients. Our goal is to work with you to help you achieve the best outcome in court. If you choose to work with us, you can have the confidence that comes from knowing that you and your loved one are being cared for by trustworthy attorneys.

We invite you to contact us for a free case evaluation. Our operators are available to answer our phone calls 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Let us use our skill and our experience to help you and your loved ones get the compensation they so justly deserve.

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