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Jimmy Doan

Founder & Attorney
Winning for the People of Texas – And Winning Big.

A Leader. A Fighter. A Winner – For You.

The stark reality is that you cannot turn on the television, spend time online, or even motor down a Lone Star State roadway without seeing or hearing about one Texas accident lawyer or another. The adverts for accident attorneys fairly can be said to create a blur. No particular firm or lawyer stands apart from the pack as a result of these persistent promos.

If you’ve been injured, you need a Houston car accident lawyer that stands apart from the pack – an attorney and law firm that are distinguished by a track record of client success – Jimmy Doan and The Doan Law Firm are here for you.

From days spent helping out in his family’s market and eatery as a child to heading up a nationwide law firm 40 years later, Jimmy Doan has lived a life of purpose. Three words have been used to describe attorney Jimmy Doan in his lifetime endeavors:

  • Dynamic
  • Leader
  • Fighter

In fact, because of this trio of traits, another word is used to describe Jimmy and The Doan Law Firm: Success

Raised in Galveston, Jimmy was student council president when he graduated from Galveston Ball High. Jimmy went on to obtain a bachelor’s degree from the University of Texas at Austin.

He then became a Sheriff’s Deputy in his hometown. After about 10 years serving the people of Galveston in this capacity, Jimmy made the step of seeking a law degree. He graduated from the Texas A & M School of Law and started his legal practice. That legal practice great into The Doan Law Firm with offices located from coast to coast in the United States.

A nationwide law practice, the headquarters and heart of The Doan Law Firm have always been in Texas. The firm has offices in all major Lone Star State cities.

Jimmy and his legal team have an established track record of success for their clients. As of 2022, over $1 billion has been won for clients of Jimmy Doan and his firm. This includes one of the largest settlements in U.S. legal history for a work place injury for over $100 million.

A dynamic leader and fighter, Jimmy Doan leads a purposeful life.

“That purpose is to win for my clients. I devote everything I am to every client to win big.”

-Jimmy Doan, Founder and President, The Doan Law Firm

Jimmy Doan continues to exemplify dynamic leadership and his willingness to fight – and fight hard – through his multifaceted personal injury law practice. From taking on mammoth oil and gas companies in complicated explosion cases to leading the charge to bring justice for drowning victim’s family, Jimmy and The Doan Law Firm have allowed victims of negligence and wrongdoing to obtain a sense of justice, definitive accountability, as well as fair and deserved compensation.

Jimmy’s purpose remains using his talents, team, and resources to win Houston personal injury lawsuits … for you.

Houston Personal Injury Attorney Jimmy Doan


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