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When the fault of another driver causes a car accident in Houston, legal action may be taken to hold them responsible. If you or a loved one has been involved in an accident involving injury, death or property damage, you should contact a Houston car accident attorney for legal advice. You may be entitled to compensation from the other driver and their insurance provider.

Houston car accident lawyer Jimmy Doan has decades of experience assisting the victims of motor vehicle collisions across the state of Texas. Call today to schedule your free initial consultation with an attorney at The Doan Law Firm after your crash.

Why Choose The Doan Law Firm After a Car Wreck in Houston?

  • Attorney Jimmy Doan has been representing car and truck accident victims in Houston and throughout Texas for over 20 years. He has a reputation for achieving record settlements and verdicts.
  • We prioritize customer service. We are friendly, personable and communicative attorneys. We are straight shooters who will always be honest about your case – the good, the bad and the ugly.
  • Our phones are staffed with internal staff 18 hours a day. When you call about a car accident case, you will talk to a real person, not a calling service. We can sign up your case right away.
  • Our Houston car accident lawyers don’t charge any fees for their services upfront. You will only pay your lawyer if and when you win your case.

Meet Car Accident Attorney Jimmy Doan

Houston Personal Injury Attorney Jimmy Doan

Founding attorney Jimmy Doan has spent most of his life in Houston. He is active in the local community and strives to represent injury victims with the integrity and dedication that they deserve. As a successful car accident lawyer in Houston, Mr. Doan is know for his straightforward communication, commitment to his clients, and fierce pursuit of fair compensation in every case he takes on. He strives to secure real results that have a positive impact on the lives of his clients.

Clients trust Mr. Doan to investigate their accident, handle negotiations with insurance companies, seek out qualified expert witnesses, and build a strong case on their behalf. He has the skill, experience, and dedication to handle a range of car accident cases for victims. Mr. Doan’s tireless pursuit of justice has led to him securing multiple significant settlements on behalf of collision victims.

When Should You Hire a Houston Car Accident Attorney?

It can be confusing to understand when to hire an attorney after a vehicle accident occurs. Often, individuals think that the insurance claims process will go smoothly and that they can handle the situation on their own. However, insurance carriers can be notoriously difficult to deal with, and they will likely put up a fight from having to pay out fair compensation for your claim. 

We suggest at least speaking to an attorney for an initial consultation very soon after the incident occurs. After you are medically stable and the scene has cleared, one of your first phone calls should be to a skilled lawyer who can advise you about what to do next. An attorney can examine every aspect of your claim and help determine the best steps moving forward, including whether or not it would make sense for an attorney to take the case.

If you decide not to work with an attorney when you first start your claim with the insurance carrier but later realize that you may need some help in order for the claim to be successful, there is no problem contacting an attorney. You can call a lawyer anytime you feel pressure from the other parties or if you feel like you are not receiving a good deal. However, keep in mind that the earlier an attorney gets involved, the more likely your case will be successful earlier. We know how important it is that you receive the compensation you are entitled to as quickly as possible.

How Can a Houston Accident Attorney Help?

car accident injuries xrays

Attorneys with experience representing victims of automobile accidents can assist with recovering damages against the other driver. An experienced attorney will know the necessary elements which must be shown to be successful in a personal injury lawsuit. They will also be able to assess the strengths and weaknesses of your potential case to help you make an informed decision about your situation.

The court system is complex and requires all participants to comply with rules of evidence and procedure. Attorneys can make sure that your case complies with all of the rules. They will also make sure that the other driver and insurance companies likewise follow the rules.

Attorneys have experience negotiating settlement offers and presenting a case at trial if settlement negotiations fail. Car accident cases can involve technical aspects which require the careful attention to detail an experienced attorney can provide. An experienced attorney will know how to prepare for trial and effectively present your case to the judge or jury.

You may have grounds to file a car accident claim in Houston if you’ve been diagnosed with any type of injury from a car crash that was caused by someone else. Car accidents may result in several different types of personal injuries. These are devastating events that can inflict injuries that stay with the victim for life. Common injuries include:

  • Whiplash
  • Broken bones
  • Head trauma
  • Aggravation of existing health issues
  • Lacerations
  • Muscle damage
  • Soreness
  • Joint problems
  • Physical disfigurement
  • Concussions
  • Bruising
  • Scarring
  • Death

Property damage to the body of the vehicle, mechanical parts of the vehicle, clothing, personal belongings, accessories, and jewelry among other things may also result from a car accident. Anyone who has experienced damage, loss or injury caused by another driver may have a claim for damages.

Who Pays for a Car Accident in Houston, Texas?


Determining who is responsible for paying for your crash requires an understanding of Texas’s insurance laws. There are two systems: fault and no-fault. All but 12 states use a fault law. Texas is in the majority as a fault-based or tort-based state. Under this insurance rule, after a car accident, the driver or party most at fault for causing the crash pays for the damage using his or her automobile insurance. All drivers in Texas are required to carry at least the following amounts of insurance:

  • $30,000 in liability insurance for bodily injury per person
  • $60,000 in liability insurance for bodily injury per accident
  • $25,000 in coverage for property damage

This is what’s known as 30/60/25 coverage. Other types of insurance are optional for Texas drivers, such as uninsured and underinsured motorist insurance, collision coverage, and medical payments coverage. To receive benefits from another driver’s car insurance, you must prove that that driver is at fault for your crash using clear and convincing evidence. If someone other than a driver caused your crash, they may have to pay for your losses through their insurance, instead. Even when an accident is caused by a state or local government entity, our attorneys can help.

How Much Do Houston Auto Accident Lawyers Cost?

Attorney Jimmy Doan of The Doan Law Firm in Houston, on the phone

One of the main concerns you may have after a vehicle accident occurs is how you could possibly afford an attorney to help with your case. After all, most people think that attorneys are much too expensive to use on a regular basis. However, a personal injury lawyer at The Doan Law Firm will handle your claim on a contingency fee basis.

When an attorney takes a case on a contingency fee basis, this means that they will be the ones to handle all the upfront and out-of-pocket costs related to the vehicle accident. This includes covering the investigation, filing fees, any prep work, negotiations with insurance carriers, and preparing for a trial by jury if necessary. The personal injury victim doesn’t have to worry about any of these costs, and they will not even have to worry about legal fees until after their attorney successfully recovers the compensation they are entitled to. The attorney will collect an agreed-upon percentage out of the final settlement or jury verdict to cover the legal fees.

Top Causes of Houston Car Accidents

accident recreation

Determining the cause of your car accident in Houston is necessary before you can begin the claims process by filing a claim with the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. Most car accidents throughout Texas are avoidable. They happen when someone is negligent, or fails to use the right amount of care. Driver error is the number one cause of vehicle collisions in Houston, Texas. Common causes of car crashes include:

Once you determine the cause of your accident and identify the defendant, you or your lawyer will need to gather evidence proving that another party caused or significantly contributed to your accident with at least a 51 percent certainty. This is known as a preponderance of the evidence, and it is the burden of proof in all car accident cases in Texas. An attorney from The Doan Law Firm can help you meet this burden by collecting clear and convincing evidence immediately after your crash.

Areas We Serve

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We serve all over Houston, TX, including:

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Types of Car Accident Cases We Accept at The Doan Law Firm

car vs truck accident

It’s important to find an attorney who has experience with your specific type of case. If you get injured in an automobile accident, you need to hire a lawyer who has represented clients with your type of crash. As the biggest personal injury law firm in Texas, with offices from McAllen to Amarillo, The Doan Law Firm has lawyers and staff members with experience in many different types of vehicle collisions. We handle all of the following, and more:

Regardless of the specific details of your crash, consult with our lawyers to find out how we can help. Our Houston car accident lawyers are prepared to take any case, no matter how complicated. Whether you need to go up against a vehicle manufacturer, government entity or another driver for compensation for your wreck, we can represent you with aggressive legal strategies.

How Are Damages Determined?

lawyer calculation car accident settlement amount

Because every car accident is different, there is no set amount or formula to determine the amount of damages. Some damages can easily be identified, such as medical expenses and car repair costs. Other damages, such as pain and suffering, emotional distress, and disfigurement are more difficult to determine. An attorney can assess your situation and compare the damages you sustained to other cases to give you an idea of how much you may receive. Also, there are expert witnesses available who are able to place a monetary amount on these types of damages.

Sometimes insurance providers will agree to pay out damages on behalf of the other driver. While policies typically have limits on how much can be paid, sometimes an attorney can negotiate a fair settlement amount that the insurance provider will pay. Payment from the insurance company is beneficial because the payment is guaranteed and will not be delayed. In some cases, an attorney can arrange for quick resolution through this method.

Compensation Available for a Successful Motor Vehicle Accident Claim

You need compensation, and you need it as quickly as possible, but you need to receive the right amount. We encourage you to work with your attorney to understand the best route toward recovering compensation, which may or may not be a quick settlement with an insurance carrier. At The Doan Law Firm, our goal is to help clients recover both economic and non-economic damages after a car accident occurs in Houston.

Economic damages after a car accident are also referred to as special damages, and these are the calculable expenses victims will likely incur. When we say calculable, we refer to it this way because we can examine receipts, bills, and invoices to adequately add up the following:

  • Emergency medical bills
  • Any ongoing necessary medical treatment
  • Property damage expenses
  • Lost wages
  • Rental vehicle costs
  • Physical therapy or rehabilitation expenses

Non-economic damages after a vehicle accident in Houston revolve around more immeasurable expenses a victim will likely incur. We call these immeasurable because there are not necessarily any receipts or bills that can definitively show the extent of a person’s physical and emotional pain and suffering. However, there are court-accepted methods to calculate these damages, and we will do so on your behalf.

Filing a Lawsuit Against the At-Fault Driver

When most people think of vehicle accidents, they think of filing an insurance claim against the at-fault party’s insurance carrier. This is how most vehicle accident claims get resolved, but it may be necessary to file a lawsuit against the at-fault driver as well. In Texas, the personal injury statute of limitations is two years from the date an injury occurs, so a lawsuit must be filed against the other driver within this time frame, or the case will get dismissed.

Filing a lawsuit places the case in the civil court system, and the discovery process begins. Your attorney will exchange evidence with the other side (usually the attorneys for the at-fault party or the insurance carrier). Often, negotiations continue during the discovery process or during mediation before a trial becomes necessary. If a settlement still cannot be reached, the case will need to proceed forward to a trial.

Will You Have to Go to Court? Likely No!

There is a small chance you will have to go to court if you file a lawsuit against an at-fault party, but that is unlikely. In general, over 90% of cases are resolved through settlements with an insurance carrier. However, that does not necessarily mean the process will be easy. Insurance carriers will do what they can to limit how much compensation they pay out, and they may even deny a claim.

In the event the insurance carrier does deny the claim or if they refuse to pay a fair settlement offer, a lawsuit could lead to you having to appear in court, but there are various steps between filing the lawsuit and when a jury trial actually occurs. The case is often settled after more evidence comes to light or when all parties are able to see the evidence that will be used. In the event the case does indeed require a jury trial, you will have to go to court at that point.

Houston Car Accident FAQs

After getting into a car crash, you likely have questions about how the legal process will unfold over the coming weeks or months. We’ve answered some of the most commonly asked questions about car accident claims in Houston below. If you have a question that is not addressed here, please give our attorney a call. We’re happy to discuss the details of your specific case and help you explore your legal options.

How Long Do I Have to File a Car Accident Claim?

In most cases, the statute of limitations for a car accident claim in the state of Texas is two years. However, there are exceptions to this general rule in some cases. It’s important to contact an experienced Houston car accident attorney as soon as possible so that you don’t risk losing your right to seek damages for injuries suffered.

Should I Provide a Recorded or Written Statement to an Insurance Company?

You should report any accident that occurs to your insurance company promptly, as there are often strict deadlines that need to be met to file an insurance claim. However, you do not need to give a written or recorded statement about the accident to an insurance adjustor immediately. In the aftermath of a crash, you may not immediately know the full extent of your injuries and do not want to understate the severity of your wounds by accident.

If your insurance company requests a recorded or written statement, refer them to your attorney. You should not agree to provide a written or recorded statement without consulting with your lawyer first.

Can I Acquire a Copy of My Car Accident Report?

If the Houston Police Department was the agency that investigated your collision, you may request a copy of their accident report. You may also put in a request for a copy of a car accident report through the Crash Requests Information System, available through the Texas Department of Transportation.

Should I Accept the Initial Settlement Offer After My Accident?

If you choose to accept the initial settlement offer available after your crash, you will be required to sign a settlement agreement before receiving compensation. You will agree to release the insurance company, at-fault driver, and any other involved parties from future liability for your claim. In short, you will lose the ability to pursue a lawsuit against the responsible driver, even if your injuries are later deemed more serious than initially believed.

It is in your best interests to speak with an attorney before accepting a settlement offer. Although it may be tempting to collect on the immediately available settlement money, your case may be worth significantly more than what is initially offered. An initial consultation with our Houston car accident lawyer is free and does not obligate you to use our legal services.

The Doan Law Firm Can Help With Your Car Accident Case

The Houston personal injury attorneys at The Doan Law Firm have represented many victims of car accidents. They are familiar with the issues that commonly arise and the appropriate amount of damages in car accident lawsuits. If you are a victim of a car accident as a result of another driver, contact The Doan Law Firm to schedule a consultation. Their attorneys can review your case and provide advice about the likelihood of success in a claim against the other driver.

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