Case Results

Recent Case Results

Workplace Electrocution

Companies must maintain reasonably safe workplaces. In this case, an industrial plant failed to have proper safeguards in place which resulted in the horrific electrocution death of a worker. We obtained $6.5 million in a wrongful death settlement.

Drowning Death

A championship swimmer lost his life in a drowning accident that arose from a university’s failure to maintain appropriate pool safety protocols. While nothing can provide complete justice for the loss of this beloved young man, our firm obtained a $5.5 million settlement for his family.

Child Drowning Death

An alarming number of children die in drowning accidents each year. In this case, negligence that included violation of city safety standards, a child drowned. Our firm obtained $4 million as a wrongful death settlement.

Semi-Truck Accident Injury

Our firm regularly represents clients injured in devastating semi-truck accidents. For example, in one such case we fought for a settlement of $3.5 million as compensation for injuries sustained in a horrific semi accident.

YMCA Drowning Death

In yet another drowning death case, we obtained $2.2 million for the wrongful death of our client. In this case, video captured the negligence and shocking death of the swimmer.

Semi-Truck Accident Injury

Sadly, each and everyday people on our roadways sustain serious injuries as the result of catastrophic semi accidents. Another such case at our firmed involved a big rig driver running a red light, slamming into our client’s car. We obtained a $2 million settlement for injuries sustained in that devastating collision.

Semi-Truck Rear End Collision

In yet another semi-truck accident, our client sustained significant injuries requiring surgery, rehabilitation, and extended period of recovery. The accident stemmed from a rear-end collision caused by a big rig driver and we obtained $1 million for our client.

Summer Camp Drowning Accident

In this case, our clients’ child was a summer camp participant. The child died in a preventable drowning accident. The summer camp failed to have enough lifejackets onboard a canoe. We obtained a wrongful death settlement of $1 million.

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