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Uber accidents in Houston have risen in numbers as rideshare apps have become increasingly popular. An alarming study shows an overall increase in traffic accidents nationwide by three percent since the rise of the rideshare industry.

Experiencing injuries in a car accident is a frightening and painful experience. When an accident happens during an Uber ride, the distress often continues long after the dust settles on the accident scene. Navigating the special insurance laws for Uber accidents in Texas can quickly become intimidating. Thankfully, an Uber accident attorney in Houston can help.

Call the Houston Uber accident lawyers at The Doan Law Firm today so we can begin a strong, personalized strategy for your financial recovery while you focus on your physical recovery.

Why Choose Us for Your Uber Accident Attorneys in Houston?

At The Doan Law Firm, we understand the unique stress associated with complex Uber accident claims. With the multi-tiered insurance structure used by Uber operators, insurance companies commonly deny that their coverage was in place when the accident occurred. Instead of letting multiple insurance adjusters toss your Uber accident claim back and forth, let us handle the claim.

The experienced rideshare lawyers at The Doan Law Firm will represent your best interests with the following advantages for your Houston Uber accident claim:

  • A 20-year track record of success in securing large settlements and court awards for our injury victims in Houston, including in complex Uber accident claims
  • Open and honest communication throughout the process of your claim
  • Free evaluations of your Uber accident case and no attorney’s fees until we win your case
  • Skilled negotiators to maximize the amount of compensation available to you
  • A resolution-based approach so you’re more likely to get an ample out-of-court settlement and never see a courtroom

A Houston Uber accident lawyer is ready to give your claim the personalized attention it deserves rather than the cookie-cutter claim approach that often results in missed opportunities for compensation.

How Does Uber Accident Insurance Work in Houston?

The Uber company maintains distance from liability claims by asserting that it’s only an app company with a product intended to connect passengers with independent drivers. However, Uber does compel rideshare drivers to carry special insurance coverage. The amount you can recover for damages like medical expenses and lost wages depends on the stage of the rideshare in the following structure:

  • If the accident occurs while the driver has their app off and is driving their vehicle for personal use, their private insurance coverage is in place
  • Once the driver turns on the app and awaits a booking, the rideshare insurance provides up to $25,000 in property damage coverage and $50,000 in bodily injury coverage per person or $100,000 per accident
  • Once the driver has an assigned passenger, full coverage goes into effect while driving to pick up the passenger and throughout the rideshare journey until drop off. This coverage provides up to $1 million in coverage for bodily injury and property damage

Don’t accept a low settlement offer that’s less than you deserve. It’s best to hire an Uber accident attorney from the Doan Law Firm and direct all communication with rideshare insurance companies to your lawyer.

Call the Houston Uber Accident Lawyers at The Doan Law Firm Today

An Uber ride is generally a safe choice for transportation while you’re traveling or within a community. The majority of Uber rides transpire uneventfully and end with the passenger safely at their destination. However, like all vehicles, an Uber car may experience an accident due to driver negligence or other factors. If you or a close family member suffered injuries in an Uber accident, call or contact our Houston law office today so we can put a strong voice behind your Uber accident claim.

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