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Actos Claims and Lawsuits

The Dangers of Actos

Actos is a medication prescribed for Type 2 diabetes patients. This pharmaceutical has been associated with several health risks and side effects, including an increased risk for heart congestion and a rare but serious liver condition, as well as a higher risk for fractures in its users. Recently, it has come under attack for its associated involvement in cases of bladder cancer. This has resulted in a warning by the FDA, especially to patients who use the drug for more than one year. If you or someone you know has suffered serious health damage associated with the use of Actos, we advise you to contact a Houston personal injury lawyer at Doan Law Firm to arrange for a free case evaluation.

Our firm is devoted to protecting the rights of injury victims, whose health has been damaged because of negligence, whether that negligence has been committed by a private party or by a corporate entity such as a pharmaceutical company. Because of its damaging effects on scores of patients, Actos can be considered a dangerous drug. A Houston dangerous drug attorney from our firm can investigate the facts and circumstances of your injuries or side effects, prepare an injury claim on your behalf, and seek legal recourse for damages.

Actos Side Effects and Health Risks

Actos has been associated not only with heart problems and bladder cancer by the FDA but with kidney failure as well. The FDA has stated that the drug may be linked with rhabdomyolysis. Rhabdomyolysis consists of a medical condition in which muscle fiber cells deteriorate. Its symptoms are muscle aches, pain, weakness, fatigue, nausea, and vomiting. Because the rapidly deteriorating cells are released into the blood, it can lead to kidney failure.

In any case of serious health damage, such as bladder cancer, heart, liver, or kidney problems associated with using Actos, you should seek the experienced legal counsel of a dangerous drug lawyer at the firm who has experience in handling these often complex injury claims and dangerous drugs.

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