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AlloDerm Injury

Personal Injury Claims for AlloDerm Side Effects

AlloDerm is a type of skin graft that is most frequently used during hernia repairs and breast reconstruction procedures. AlloDerm uses skin tissue from cadavers and is meant to work with a patient’s body to produce new skin cells in order to help the patient recover from certain medical procedures or injuries. Though AlloDerm has been effective for some patients, others have experienced severe side effects.

Some of the side effects that have been reported include:

  • Infection
  • Swelling and inflammation
  • Further hernia complications
  • Bruising
  • Contusions
  • Abscesses

Did you or someone you love experience complications from AlloDerm? Make sure you discuss your legal options with a Houston personal injury lawyer who is experienced in handling claims and lawsuits related to dangerous drugs and other defective products. The side effects experienced from AlloDerm and various other prescription drugs, medical devices and medication may place your entire future at risk. An attorney can aid you in bringing a lawsuit against the pharmaceutical company, manufacturer or possibly the doctor or surgeon that used AlloDerm. The approach and the worth of your case will vary depending on the unique circumstances.

Dangerous Drug Lawyer for AlloDerm Lawsuits

Facing off against a large corporation in an attempt to recover fair financial compensation may seem an overwhelming task, but with an experienced injury lawyer to build a compelling case on your behalf, you may be able to recover money for medical care, lost earnings, emotional suffering, future medical treatment and more. This may go a long way in helping you rebuild your life after suffering serious side effects from AlloDerm.

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