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In the United States, bus accidents occur frequently on the highways of every state. According to the federal government people lose their lives in approximately 300 bus accidents each year. Bus accidents occurring where there is no loss of life take place far more frequently yet severe injuries and damage is sustained by the accident victims.

As a result of a collision with a bus, people suffer losses in the form of serious physical injuries, property damage, permanent disabilities, wage losses, other related out-of-pocket expenses as well as a significant degree of pain and suffering. If you have a family member who died as a result of a bus accident in the Austin, Texas area or if you personally have been injured in such an accident, contact a lawyer who will aggressively handle your case from start to finish. While you and your family are recovering from your injuries and losses, our lawyers will act promptly to investigate your claims and to protect your interests.

What to do when the accident occurs

You are on the road and a large bus suddenly collides with your vehicle. Under these circumstances, everyone undergoes a feeling of shock. This, after all, is a traumatic event that may have caused you physical, emotional and financial harm. While this is normally true in a typical car hitting another car accident, the fact that a bus, weighing far more than any car, has hit your vehicle only adds to the concern that a disastrous level of damage has been caused. In these situations, the chances are that the people in the cars and/or bus have been severely injured and that the damage to the vehicles has been very serious. If you or a family member have been involved in a bus accident in the Austin area, your first move should be to contact a qualified Austin bus accident lawyer.

With our help, we can help you obtain the relief you need under the circumstances including compensation for:

  • medical bills
  • lost wages
  • pain and suffering
  • property damage

If the accident tragically causes the death of a loved one, your bus accident lawyer will advise you whether an Austin wrongful death claim should be pursued.

Why do bus accidents take place?

Your Austin bus accident attorney will certainly be interested in investigating the cause of the accident. There are many possible causes for bus accidents in Austin, many of which will support your claim for damages. Among the possible causes of a bus accident are an intoxicated bus driver, a bus driver who drives recklessly, difficult weather conditions, bus equipment that is defective, bus maintenance that was done improperly, or roadways that are inherently dangerous.

Who is at fault for a bus accident?

Depending on the cause of the bus accident, quite a few parties may be held responsible for the damages that resulted.

Among the possible parties that could be the subject of a bus accident claim and/or an Austin personal injury lawsuit are:

  • the bus driver
  • the bus driver’s employer
  • the bus manufacturer
  • the government
  • other negligent parties

Because the bus driver and his or her employer are considered common carriers, they owe the highest possible duty of care to the passengers on their buses. When that duty of care is breached, the driver and the driver’s employer face liability for the accident.

A manufacturer would be held responsible if there was equipment on the bus that did not function properly and then became the cause of the accident. A maintenance company would be held liable if it provide poor or even no maintenance to the bus before it went on the road and if that failure to properly maintain the bus was the cause of the accident. If the bus driver breached his duty to other divers on the road, he or she and the employer would possibly be held liable.

Why You Need a Bus Accident Lawyer

Let’s face it: the size and weight of a large bus is always going to cause far more damage than a typical automobile. Provided that the bus driver, employer, manufacturer or maintenance company did something to cause the accident, it is critical to get an attorney involved as soon as possible. Our attorneys will aggressively investigate the causes and the damages resulting from the accident in order to fairly assess the value of your case. Where an accident involves a bus, the injuries, losses and damages are likely to be higher than an ordinary accident. Because the stakes are high in obtaining all the compensation to which an accident victim is entitled, it is very important to involve an outstanding Austin bus accident lawyer from the very beginning.

If you have been involved in a bus accident in the Austin area, call The Doan Law Firm at (512) 806-0000 to make an appointment. The Doan Law Firm handles bus accident cases throughout the Austin capital metro area.

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