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Throughout Corpus Christi, Texas, a motorcycle accident often results in serious and permanent injuries. Death is a possibility. Often on Corpus Christi highways, motorcycle accidents cause injuries that are more serious than an accident between two similar size vehicles.

There are a number of reasons that motorcycle accidents occur. Passenger vehicles weigh approximately 3000 pounds. Popular brands of motorcycles range in weight from 250 to 910 pounds. Motorcycles traveling at high speeds are difficult to maneuver. The slightest error can make the motorcycle flip over. The difference in size allows a motorcycle driver to slip easily into the blind spot of a car.
The most dangerous situation occurs when cars make left turns. Forty-two percent of motorcycle accidents involve a car making a left turn. The collisions happen as motorcyclists go through intersections, try to pass cars, or attempt to overtake cars. The size of the motorcycle makes it less visible to a turning car.

Under normal circumstances, the driver making the turn is considered to be at fault. If, however, a motorcyclist is in the wrong lane or speeding, he or she may be partially at fault. That means the motorcyclist receive less compensation for damages and injuries as a result of the accident. The proximity of the car to the motorcycle, reduced space to maneuver a motorcycle, and not anticipating a pass in slow or stopped traffic are also factors considered.
Not knowing how many pounds a motorcycle can safely carry is not always easy to determine. Exceeding the weight limit is often the cause of deadly tire failure. Manufacturers make it difficult to determine what the weight limits are. The information, buried in the owner’s manual, is hard to find and interpret. Most dealers do not know the weight limit and, therefore, do not share it with a customer.


Extensive medical, insurance and legal issues can arise. The issues become intertwined which makes them confusing. Medical issues include follow-up doctor visits, rehabilitation fees, prescriptions, and on-going injuries. The associated expenses go beyond the initial medical treatment costs.

Many motorcycle riders are underinsured. The coverage should cover more than replacing or repairing the motorcycle. Medical expenses and loss of wages are concerns when the motorcyclist is unable to work.

Accident victims are sometimes reluctant to hire a lawyer to submit a claim because of possible legal fees. Most lay people have no knowledge regarding proper submission of an insurance claim that will guarantee the full benefits. Place legal issues in the hands of an expert. A reduction in stress and a more favorable outcome are likely.

The Doan Law Firm attorneys provide insight into relevant claims. Motorcycle accidents have left some victims permanently injured and unable to work. The trauma of an accident sometimes causes victims to be unable to maintain relationships with family and friends.

Inexperienced lay people may not know they have the right to file claims for such a loss. Compensation for relationship or experience deprivations must be sought properly to receive it.

Doan Law Firm lawyers personalize your claim. Insurance companies process thousands of claims each year. Chances of receiving a favorable outcome increase when a claim demonstrates the victim is a unique individual having a set of unique circumstances.

‘Damages’ is a legal word for money lost due to an injury. Insurance policies cover only certain parts of involved costs. The Doan Law Firm personal injury lawyers see their job as recovering damages from all parties responsible.

Contact the Doan Law Firm for Experienced Help with you Motorcycle Accident

No matter what caused a motorcycle accident, if you or someone you love suffered an injury as a pedestrian, passenger, or driver, Doan Law Firm can help obtain deserved compensations. No one should face these problems alone. Everyone can afford the legal counsel provided by the Doan Law Firm. The work done is on a contingency basis. The firm gets a small percentage of the settlement as its fee. If the client receives no compensation, the firm collects no fee.

The Doan Law Firm has the financial resources and the professional obligation to investigate motorcycle accidents and pursue claims until the maximum compensation is received. The firm handles serious motorcycle accidents of all kinds throughout the country.

Often victims are not aware of the full extent of losses and injuries incurred. There may be future complications. Many states have strict statutes of limitations. Having specialized legal counsel immediately after a motorcycle accident is imperative. If injured parties cannot travel due to the accident, the Doan Law Firm lawyers travel to them, regardless of the distance. The consultation has taken place in hospital rooms, homes, and places of business.

The Doan Law Firm attorneys are available day or night, including holidays. The experienced motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers look forward to serving injured parties. Give them a call.

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