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When receiving treatments in hospitals, clinics, surgery centers, or other medical settings, patients risk suffering from preventable mistakes and negligence. For example, there are an estimated 250,000 deaths throughout the U.S. each year as a result of medical errors. A Dallas medical malpractice lawyer can help you seek compensation for injuries caused by inadequate treatments or care.

Even when a negligent action doesn’t lead to death, it can cause tremendous pain, stress, and debilitation. Sometimes, the effects are permanent. People may experience lifelong medical problems and limitations in the ability to work, live independently, or enjoy personal relationships.

What are some examples of possible medical malpractice?

If your medical treatment ends with a poor outcome, it doesn’t necessarily mean that you’re the victim of malpractice. However, there are times when the poor outcome is a result of negligence. You’ve suffered because a medical professional or institution fell short of standards of care.

Consider these scenarios:

  • Medical equipment that hasn’t been properly sterilized.
  • Diagnostic tests that should have been ordered but never were.
  • A failure to ask about or accurately record a patient’s medical history or symptoms.
  • A failure to properly follow up with a patient after a surgery or another medical intervention.
  • Incorrect drug dosages or the use of the wrong drug.
  • The improper handling of blood, tissues for biopsies, or other samples that need to be tested.
  • Problems in communication between doctors, nurses, pharmacy technicians, or other professionals.
  • A failure to give patients the information they need to meaningfully consent to a course of treatment.
  • A medical facility employing doctors or other professionals who are unfit in some way to work with patients or carry out other important responsibilities.

These are some of the situations that could result in death or serious medical problems. They may be the grounds for medical malpractice litigation.

Why do you need a Dallas medical malpractice lawyer?

If you or your loved ones have suffered in a medical setting, you need experienced medical malpractice lawyers to help you develop a clearer picture of what happened and determine whether you can pursue a malpractice case.

Your Dallas personal injury lawyer will have a deep knowledge of this area of Texas law, including the statute of limitations, any caps on damages, and the definition of negligence that applies to these cases. With your lawyer’s assistance, you’ll be able to assemble every piece of evidence that can help you prove negligence and demonstrate that another party bears the majority of the fault for what happened to you.

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