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Determining Legal Responsibility for a Dallas Semi-Truck Accident

The challenges of recovering from the particularly severe injuries caused by a Dallas semi-truck accent can be overwhelming. Addressing the legal ramifications associated with obtaining justice and due compensation is incredibly challenging following a Dallas big-rig wreck caused as the result of the negligence of some other party – or parties, as is most likely the case. The need to obtain appropriate compensation – and the necessity of bringing all responsible parties to justice – demands the assistance of a skilled, experienced Dallas trucking accident lawyer like a member of the legal team at The Doan Law Firm.

Potential Dallas Commercial Truck Accident Responsible Parties

As noted a moment ago, in a typical semi accident there usually is more than one party responsible for a collision. An experienced, tenacious Doan Law Firm Dallas semi-truck accident attorney has the background and resources necessary to identify any negligent party that contributed to the accident that caused your injuries. Moreover, because we are a nationwide firm with offices across the state of Texas, we have access to the vital resources needed in the pursuit of justice in even the most complex Dallas semi accident case.

Identifying all of the parties responsible for causing a semi accident begins with having a keen understanding of all of the individuals and entities that may be in a position to have contributed to this type of horrific wreck. Individuals and entities that oftentimes are responsible in causing a catastrophic trucking accident include:

  • Truck driver
  • Trucking company
  • Semi manufacturer
  • Commercial truck parts manufacturer
  • Semi-truck maintenance provider
  • Company that hired a semi to haul goods
  • Party responsible for packing trailer
  • Safety inspection provider

Importance of Identifying Any and All Responsible Parties

Obtaining the compensation you deserve following a semi accident is contingent upon ensuring that claims are made against any and all responsible parties. The stark, grim reality of a 18-wheeler collision is that resulting injuries, damages, and losses are likely to be significant. The fact is that if you or a loved one have been injured in a semi-truck crash, you may face prolonged issues that may even extend over the course of years. These include:

  • Medical bills and expenses
  • Costs associated with physical rehabilitation
  • Costs associated with vocational rehabilitation
  • Pain and suffering
  • Mental anguish and emotional distress
  • Lost wages

Understanding the Principal of Agency

The term “agency” in the context of a truck accident understandably may lead you to think of a representative of an insurance company. In fact, the legal concept of “agency” typically plays a significant role in a pursuing a claim or lawsuit for injuries arising from a commercial truck accident.

As a legal concept, agency means that the actions of an agent are attributed to a principal. For example, if a truck driver engages in negligent behavior behind the wheel, a trucking company in turn is legal liable or responsible for that conduct.

Role of Insurance Company after a Dallas Trucking Accident

An insurance company involved in a trucking accident claims process has a primary purpose for existing – and that is not making large payments to injured big-rig accident victims like you. Rather, an insurance company is in business primarily to make money for its shareholders of other principals. An insurance company enhances its profits by limiting the amount of money paid out in claims.

Do not agree to make a statement or answer questions from a representative of an insurance company until you talk to a qualified lawyer. If an insurance company has attempted to contact you, call The Doan Law Firm at (214) 307-0000 before you agree to discuss your case with an insurer’s representative.

Hire a Dallas Trucking Accident Attorney that Will Fight for You

The first step in retaining the services of a Dallas trucking accident lawyer is to schedule an initial consultation with The Doan Law Firm by calling us at (214) 307-0000. Our telephone line is staffed 24 hours a day, seven days a week, 52 weeks a year, including all major holidays. We can schedule an initial consultation any time that works for you at our offices in Dallas:

The Doan Law Firm

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Dallas, Texas 7529

(214) 307-0000

We can also arrange for a caring, experienced Dallas trucking accident attorney to meet you at your home or any location that best serves your needs. A virtual case evaluation can be scheduled online as well. There is never a fee charged for an initial consultation with a Doan Law Firm semi-truck accident lawyer.

The Doan Law Firm makes an attorney fee pledge to you. Our firm will never charge an attorney fee unless we win your case for you.

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