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Steps to Take Following a Dallas Semi-Truck Accident

A Dallas semi-truck accident has the potential for being the most catastrophic type of highway or roadway collision imaginable. The injuries, damages, and losses arising from a Dallas trucking accident can be truly life-altering, if not life-ending. With this in mind, there are certain key steps that need to be take (when at all possible) in the aftermath of a Texas semi accident:

  • Tend to immediate medical needs
  • Contact law enforcement and file a report
  • Document the accident scene with photos or videos
  • Document injuries, also with photos or videos
  • Identify witnesses to the Dallas truck accident
  • Contact a capable Doan Law Firm Dallas trucking accident lawyer

Address Medical Needs

Tending to immediate medical issues and making sure everyone is safe is the initial task following any type of roadway accident. This process necessarily involves calling emergency medical personnel, law enforcement, providing CPR or other lifesaving assistance (if trained and possible), and moving people and vehicles to a safe location (also, if possible).

Contact Law Enforcement and File Accident Report

Contact law enforcement from the accident scene. The reality is that a semi accident that results in only very minimal damages is hard to imagine. Unlike some car accidents, an immediate response is not likely to be forgoing contacting law enforcement.

You need to make certain that the police come to the scene of the accident. Moreover, you must be sure that a comprehensive police report has been filed in regard to a Dallas trucking accident.

Document Accident Scene

It is very important to document the accident scene as much as possible. This includes making videos, taking photos, or both. Consider making images of the accident scene from different vantage points. In addition, be sure that you focus in on making images of damage caused to vehicles as a result of a collision. Moreover, don’t overlook other elements of the accident scene like skid marks on the roadway.

The possibility exists that you will not be in a position to undertake the process of documenting a semi accident scene because you were injured in an accident. This is why you need to reach out to a person in your car who survived the accident without any immediately apparent medical issue. You might need to reach out to a person at the scene of the accident who was not involved in the collision to undertake certain evidence gathering and documentation tasks on your behalf.

Document Injuries

Document injuries sustained as a result of a Dallas trucking accident. This can also be accomplished with photos and videos of injuries.

Identify Witnesses

Obtain the names and complete contact information from any witnesses to any big-rig accident. This includes obtaining multiple ways of contacting witnesses in the future, including phone numbers and email addresses.

If possible, obtain a concise statement from each witness about what was observed at the time of the accident. If a particular witness is willing to do so, video his or her statement.

Contact an Experienced Doan Law Firm Dallas Trucking Accident Lawyer Today

The best course to take to protect your legal interests is to contact a capable, experienced, committed Dallas semi-truck accident lawyer promptly after a collision. You place yourself in a far more solid position to fully protect your vital legal rights by engaging a Dallas trucking accident lawyer directly following an 18-wheeler wreck. You can connect with the Dallas Doan Law Firm any time of the day or night by calling (214) 307-0000. Our telephone line is staffed 24 hours a day, every day of the year, including all major holidays.

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