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If you have a motorcycle accident in Fort Worth, it’s not a good idea to pursue a personal injury claim on your own. Doing so can cause you to take a settlement that won’t cover your medical bills or missed wages. Doing so can also cause you to walk away from the case with nothing. There are many reasons for that, here are a few.

You’re Fighting an Uphill Battle

Automatically, there are a lot of different things that aren’t in your favor. The truth is that just driving a motorcycle constitutes risky behavior. People who ride motorcycles are more prone to accident and injury because motorcycles themselves are risky vehicles.

Motorcycles are:

  • Lightweight
  • Fast
  • Difficult to control
  • Hard to see
  • Not ideal for all roads

That means the second you say it wasn’t your fault, the other party can point out a thousand ways it could actually have been absolutely your fault. There’s also some personal bias against motorcycles and motorcyclists. This bias can even affect judges and jurors.

That means it’s on you to prove beyond the shadow of a doubt that you played no role in the accident. This is difficult for most people to do on their own. It’s especially difficult when a motorcycle is involved.

Even if you take it all the way to a trial and win, you may not receive the compensation you deserve. It can all hinge on someone thinking that just because you’re a biker, you don’t deserve a certain amount because you purposefully took on risk.

Your Injuries Matter, But You Have to Prove That

Injuries from motorcycle accidents aren’t always front and center. Things like soft tissue damage may not seem like a problem at first, but can turn into debilitating conditions later. In fact, the opposition may even try to prove that a severe injury did not occur because of the accident, or because of the other party’s negligence.

This is where professional help comes into a play. A motorcycle accident lawyer will know how to go about contacting medical experts to show and prove that your injuries indeed came from the accident.

Experts can also show how even the smallest injury can severely impact your way of life. A loss of quality of life is important for figuring out damages for medical bills and even pain and suffering.

Adjusters May Not Deal Fairly With You

Before you ever see a court, an adjuster from the negligent party’s insurance company will attempt to contact you. This is actually the point where many people who go it alone fail. The adjuster may offer a settlement amount that looks good, but isn’t anywhere near enough to the compensation you deserve.

Many people accept these offers without at least trying to figure out if it’s a fair offer or not. When you have representation, your lawyer can field these offers, discuss them with you, and help you to figure out if they represent a fair amount or not.

In general, ask yourself these questions about the offered settlement:

  • Will it cover current medical bills?
  • Will it cover future medical bills?
  • Will it cover missed wages?
  • Will it cover future missed wages?

At the very least, any settlement should cover these things. If you lose the ability to work, or your quality of life suffers, then you’ll want more than the basics.

You May Not Have the Right Evidence

Personal injury cases rely heavily on evidence. Many people who attempt these cases on their own often find out too late that they’re missing key pieces of evidence. It doesn’t always cause them to lose the case, but it can. Even if they succeed, that lack of proper evidence often translates to a smaller settlement or lesser damages awarded.

Fault is of the utmost importance. Your job is to prove the defendant was completely, or almost completely, at fault. There’s only so many ways to do that.

You need:

  • Witnesses
  • Pictures
  • An airtight narrative
  • A police report
  • Expert witnesses

Collecting evidence isn’t always easy. Finding witnesses that are willing to give depositions isn’t easy neither. These are the kinds of things that accident lawyers are good at.

Why You Need Professional Legal Help in Fort Worth from The Doan Law Firm

These are all reasons why you need to contact the Doan Law Firm as soon as possible if you’re in a motorcycle accident. An attorney that knows the law and how it works in your area is the key to winning the compensation you deserve.

You should never pursue these cases alone. At the very least, contact The Doan Law Firm for a consultation before you do anything else.

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