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Automobile accidents continue to be a significant problem in Texas. Information collected by the State’s Department of Transportation concluded that, in 2018, roughly 250,000 motorists were injured in such incidents and more than 3,600 individuals were killed. For many, involvement in a car accident not only results in major property damage but could also precipitate serious pain, lost work time and, ultimately, financial distress.

Further complicating these mishaps is that said events might be precipitated by the negligent or malfeasant acts of a another driver. Fortunately, however, motorists found to bear such responsibility might be required to compensate accident victims following a civil process known as a personal injury lawsuit.

The Doan Law Firm, which employs experienced personal injury attorneys at offices situated across the State and charges no fees unless we win, invites Texas residents injured in car accidents read this brief blog highlighting important aspects of these procedures, the role prospective plaintiffs should play in such proceedings and the importance retaining the services of an experienced Texas car accident lawyer can be to the final outcome.

The Plaintiff’s Duties

A prospective plaintiff does not receive compensation merely for being injured in a car accident and opining that another motorist was responsible for causing said occurrence. A personal injury suit is a potentially long and complicated process necessitating the execution of several important steps. Would be case claimants are strongly urged to perform the following initial tasks in the incident’s immediate aftermath:

Obtain A Thorough Medical Evaluation

Accident-related injuries do not always appear in the minutes following a collision. Therefore, even motorists who survived the impact relatively unscathed are still cautioned to receive a full examination to detect any potentially serious underlying problems. Moreover, winning compensation often hinges on the plaintiff’s ability to unequivocally prove to an adjudicating body that damages sought are related to the injuries said party sustained during the accident.

Document Events

Should the victim be physically able and after said party and other involved motorists ensure the scene is secure, the prospective plaintiff must carefully document the events prior to and during the accident. Said individual is encouraged to write down as much as they can recall about the incident and capture photos of any pertinent evidence, such as damages to their or other involved vehicles.

Gather Witnesses

Witnesses often prove valuable to auto accident cases. Said subjects can provide authorities or adjudicating bodies with accurate, third-party accounts of the events in question. Ergo, would be plaintiffs are strongly encouraged to obtain the names and contact information of anyone who saw the event and can provide an detailed description of what actually transpired.

Notify Local Authorities

Presiding law enforcement agencies should be notified right after the incident occurred. Such officials will expedite the process of securing and clearing the accident scene but also perform other pertinent tasks, such as collecting evidence and authoring a report specifying the events surrounding the case.

Alert Insurance Provider

In instances of minor damage or limited injury, a motorist’s insurance coverage might be all that is required to cover the victim’s associated expenses.

Consult With A Texas Car Accident Lawyer

Once again, it is important to reiterate that not every accident victim will be entitled to compensation. A personal injury attorney can review a potential client’s case and determine if said individual possesses a legitimate chance of recouping damages. Should the legal professional in question opine in the affirmative, they can suggest the most appropriate next steps.

The Civil Process

Modified Comparative Negligence

The first and, arguably, most critical step in the civil action process is proving fault. Texas follows a civil mandate known as modified comparative negligence. This principle has a two part definition.

First, the claimant may only collect compensation if a judge or jury rules that they bared no more than 50 percent fault for the incident in question. Moreover, even eligible plaintiffs will have their total awarded compensation reduced by the specific percentage of fault the adjudicating body assigned them. For example, the claimant might have petitioned the court for $300,000 in damages but was found 10 percent to blame. In such instances, 10 percent, or $30,000 would be subtracted from the original total leaving said party with only $270,000 in total awarded compensation.

The Principles Of Personal Injury Law

In addition to demonstrating fault, plaintiff and lawyer must demonstrate that the following issues occurred, the accused motorist committed an irresponsible or malfeasant act, said behavior precipitated the accident, the claimant’s injuries occurred because of the mishap and cannot be attributed to any other physical injury or medical ailment and the damages sought are strictly related to said injuries.

The Importance Of Hiring An Experienced Lawyer

Proving fault and liability on the accused individual’s part often necessitates the skills and experience of an accomplished personal injury attorney. Said legal professionals will perform pertinent actions, like investigating the accident scene, interviewing expert witnesses, such as medical professionals and traffic engineers, interpreting law enforcement reports, perusing through the criminal and driving records of the accused and obtaining witness testimony.

Contacting Us

Texas residents injured in automobile mishaps they believe were due to another party’s negligence are encouraged to contact us. We can review a potential client’s case and might be able to help them win compensation. We maintain offices in 16 locations statewide, collect no fees unless we win and are available for free consultation 24 hours per day, seven days a week. For more information about our firm and the services we provide, please call 1-800-349-0000 or visit https://www.thedoanlawfirm.com/.

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