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You drive to survive. You are careful and cautious when on the road. You make it your business to protect yourself and others from an accident. You take specific precautions when around trucks. They are large, lumbering, powerful vehicles that can cause catastrophe in a crash with a smaller vehicle.

You are not the only one responsible for safety on the road. Truck drivers must also follow the rules, keep a safe distance, and remain alert and vigilant. If you have been harmed in an accident caused by a truck driver who was negligent or reckless, you can hold them accountable. You have a right to compensation after such an accident and retaining the services of a Texas truck accident lawyer can help you get it.

Every Step You Take…

Truck accidents vary from the minor to the major. In both kinds of accidents, every step you take matters. In the event of a minor truck accident, here are some of the things you should do:

1. Call for help

You may have been run off the road by a speeding truck. You may have been sideswiped or hit in the rear. No matter the specifics of the accident, contact with a large vehicle will throw you off balance and cause a crash. You may be dazed at first, but once you have recovered you should call 911.

2. Speak to the driver

There is really no need for you to go to the driver of the truck. He or she is sure to come to you. They will be eager to determine the damage done to your vehicle and whether you have been injured. You should get the name of the company they work for and their driver number. They should also provide you with their insurance information. Try to keep the situation calm. There is no reason, at this point, to assign blame or accept any.

3. Photography the scene

There is likely to be damage to your vehicle. You should use your cell phone to photograph it. Try to photograph the damage from as many angles as possible.

4. Speak to police

You should not leave the scene until you have spoken to the police. Give them the facts as you recall them. But you need not say anything that suggests you are to blame for the accident. If an officer asks you questions that lead in that direction, you can tell the officer that you decline to answer the question until you have spoken with an attorney.

5. Speak to witnesses

You should get as many eyewitness statements as you can. Ask the people who were at the scene if you can record their statements on your cell phone. You should also get the contact details of each person you spoke to.

6. Check into a hospital

Even if the accident was minor, you should get checked out. You will not know what your body has suffered until a qualified medical professional has examined it. Such an examination is also needed for legal purposes. If you are compelled to sue the trucking company, your state of health after the accident will be part of the legal proceedings.

7. Call an attorney

You should call a Texas truck accident lawyer as soon as you can. You can get compensation for the damage done to your vehicle and the injury done to yourself.

Putting Your Life Back Together

If you are the victim of a more serious accident, if you are left unconscious and immobile, then you will require life-saving medical intervention. You may not remember anything that occurs after the crash, and you certainly will not have the opportunity to document it, to speak to the driver, or tell the police your side of the story. A major accident with a truck can leave you helpless and in a critical state of health. You may be on your back for weeks or months after the crash, and you may need to spend many more months in rehabilitation.

The bills will pile up in the meantime. Added to your regular bills will be your medical expenses. Your inability to work may put you and your family in an impossible financial situation. If any of your injuries are permanent—that is, if you are left with a life-long disability—you may need to give up your livelihood. You will need time to learn how to do something else, and this could put even more stress on you and your loved ones.

At some point after the accident, you will need to speak to an attorney. You will require an advocate who can gather the facts and circumstances of the accident together in a way that will help you put your life back together.

You should hire a lawyer who specializes in Texas truck accidents. They will have deep insight into the laws related to these types of accidents. You also want a lawyer who believes in your case and who will take it on because they know they can win it. You should settle the matter of the legal fees up front. If you have been badly hurt in a truck accident, the last thing you want is to further complicate your financial situation with lawyer bills that you can’t pay. That is why you should work with a lawyer who offers no fees unless we win terms. A no win, no fee attorney is one that you can trust. They will not string you along or promise what they cannot deliver. The lawyer you work with should also be open 24/.

The Value of Your Case

One of the first things that your attorney will do is establish the value of your case. They will speak to your physicians to determine the extent of your injuries and your prognosis for recovery. They will speak to other medical experts to get more information about your case. They will also speak to your family to get a sense of the emotional and psychological toll on them.

Your lawyer will also investigate the circumstances of the accident thoroughly. They will send professional private investigators to retrieve any traffic camera footage of the accident. These investigators will also speak to people who witnessed the accident and get statements from them. There is a fair chance that one of the witnesses recorded the accident, which can go a long way toward proving the negligence or inattention of the truck driver.

Your attorney will also bring in accident reconstruction professionals. Such persons can use the damage done to each vehicle and other forensic evidence to develop a simulation of how the accident unfolded. The latter can be admitted as evidence in a court of law.

All these little pieces will be put together to prove the fact that you were badly injured in a truck accident, that the driver was at fault, and that you are owed a specific amount of money in damages. Your lawyer will use these facts as leverage in negotiations with the trucking company and their insurers.

The trucking company rather than the truck driver will be held accountable for the injuries you have sustained. Trucking companies are responsible for the conduct of their drivers. They must ensure that each of their drivers has the training needed to operate their vehicle, and that they are rested enough to drive safely. If any of these standards were violated, your attorney will find out about it and use this information to get you a higher settlement.

If you have been injured in a truck accident, you should reach out to an attorney who specializes in Texas truck accidents and who works on a no fees unless we win basis. The law firm should also be open 24/ to make it easier for you to get the help that you need.

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