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Often disastrous and devastating consequences are the result of a motorcycle accident. The size and weight difference of a motorcycle and another type of vehicle means a collision is likely to cause severe or fatal injuries.

If you or someone you love suffered injuries in a Tyler motorcycle accident, the Doan Law Firm motorcycle personal injury lawyers are available to provide compassionate experience and resources needed to pursue deserved compensation.

The initial consultation puts you under no obligation. We will answer pressing questions, discover the case merits, and advise the best path forward without pressuring you to take action.

If hired, we take cases on a contingency basis. No upfront or other legal costs are necessary as the case proceeds. We earn a small percentage of the settlement award when we win the case by obtaining a successful outcome of the motorcycle accident claim.

Failure to obtain a successful motorcycle accident claim means you owe us nothing.

What to Do When Injured in a Motorcycle Accident

All accidents involving vehicles are serious, especially those involved in an accident with a motorcycle. Whether you are the driver or a passenger, you are likely uncertain about the proper steps to take. First seek medical attention for any driver, family member, or passenger. After the immediate danger passes, consider the aid of a personal injury lawyer.

The Plaintiff Damages

Estimating potential outcomes for motorcycle accidents is difficult. An injury is likely the ultimate factor in deciding the amount a defendant pays a victim of a motorcycle accident.

Lost wages and medical bills are concrete costs that a plaintiff demonstrates he or she paid or lost, and continues to pay or lose as time passes. Pain and suffering predictions are, at best, educated guesses based on similar motorcycle accident case awards. Every jury and case are different. The best analysis provides a broad range of pain and suffering damages.

Likelihood of Defendant’s Liability

Finding a defendant liable after the accident at trial is a major factor. Little or no evidence that proves a defendant was at fault for the plaintiff’s injuries decreases the case value considerably.

When a clear question of fault arises, defendants are less willing to settle and more inclined to go to trial. Plaintiffs likely accept low settlements rather than run a risk of getting nothing.

A common bias or prejudice against motorcycle riders exists. Injuries are mostly unfavorable for motorcycle riders. Being a driver of a motorcycle does not automatically mean the case verdict ends up in favor of the opposition. It does lower the odds of the plaintiff if the defendant’s liability is questionable.

The Doan Law Firm injury lawyers understand all sides of an issue. The firm provides Tyler, Texas residents or their loved ones injured in a motorcycle accident with representation.

Experienced, successful motorcycle accident lawyers work from the outset to:

  • Advise ways to cope with daily activities when faced with severe injuries
  • Investigate the Tyler motorcycle accident
  • Preserve evidence critical to your case
  • Protect your rights

Before litigation begins, all facts about the motorcycle accidents are well-known. We emphasize how important it is to contact us as quickly as possible. The team then can investigate promptly. Particulars of the case are less likely to become tainted or stale. The opposition examines the circumstances also. Having someone in your corner is important. It is a matter of routine for our investigative team to go to the accident scene.

  • Reconstruct the accident
  • Take photographs of physical evidence
  • Search for eye witnesses
  • Look for details such as skid, yaw, or gouge marks
  • Examine the scene for gas, radiator fluid, or oil stains.

The sooner our involvement in the case occurs, the better the results. We have access to a settlements and verdicts database that we use to find circumstances and injuries comparable to your case. We also have access to the trial verdict and settlement amounts in the Tyler jurisdiction.

Having auto insurance affects the liability settlement amounts. A defendant with few assets will only be able to meet the liability limits of his or her insurance.

Why hire an experienced Motorcycle Accident Lawyer

The full extent of current or future losses due to a motorcycle accident is not always apparent to victims. Texas has strict statutes of limitation. It is imperative to have specialized legal counsel immediately following a motorcycle accident. If traveling is impossible due to your injuries, the Doan Law Firm lawyers will come to you, no matter the location. We meet victims at their place of business, home, or hospital room.

Contact us anytime, day or night, including holidays. We have experienced motorcycle accident personal injury lawyers available around the clock at (800) 349-0000.

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